Singer Merritt 2404 Vintage Sewing Machine Review

The Singer Merritt 2404 sewing machine is the first sewing machine I bought with my own money.  When I came home from college I thought as a big girl I needed my own sewing machine.  Someone I knew was having an estate sale and had listed a Singer sewing machine.  I didn't know a lot about Singer sewing machines since I grew up in a Necchi household but I figured Singer wouldn't have lasted if they were junk.  My grandma wasn't sold though.  I didn't take her opinion into account though, she did everything by hand and had never used a sewing machine.  It has served me well and my step son loved it so much we bought him one of his own for Christmas.  At first he thought I had passed mine on to him and I just giggled.  While I don't use it as often as I once did it still holds a very special place in my heart.

singer merritt 2404

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I was pretty sure this machine died about six years ago.  I could only get it to straight stitch and not very well.  So I went off and bought a new computerized sewing machine and put it away.  Paul wouldn't let me toss it though.  After he tackled a few other machines he dug out the Singer Merritt and took it to the spa.  It didn't take him long to have the machine back up and running.  The cams not working was user error.  I wasn't pushing them down far enough to get them to engage the follow arm.  The follow arm is what goes around the cam to make the pretty stitches.

This is the "newest" of my vintage machines and if you use 25 years as how old something has to be to be vintage it just barely makes it.  It was made in the 80s and mine was born in Brazil.  It does have nylon gears and for the most part I shy away from those.  The plus side is that there are some metal replacement gears out there.  I really should buy one and replace the one nylon gear in it.  It's belt driven and in theory could be turned into a treadle machine.  I haven't seen one but I have seen one as a hand crank.

It makes all kinds of fancy stitches, 30 to be exact, if you have the cams.  I have all but a few and I suspect that they were part of an add on.  I struggle with getting the cams in right but hubby has no issues whatsoever.  He can just hold his mouth right better than I can.  For some reason Singer didn't number the stitches in order, if you zoom on the picture you'll notice the last stitch is number 37 but there are some numbers missing.  I put it off to the fact that this machine was designed in the 70s probably. <wink>

Singer Merritt 2404 Pattern Selection
All of the stitches it can make if you have the disks. 

You can purchase the cams on Ebay.  They run about $7 a piece so if you are looking at a machine like this make sure the cams are with it or at least the cams you'll want.

Cams for Singer Merritt 2404
To put the cams in you just raise the top, where you saw the thread, and just pop it in there.

I did a little looking to see what they were going for on Ebay.  I've had mine for a long time so I wanted to see what pricing was like now.  They currently run between $50 and $150 on Ebay plus shipping.  Like I've said before I shy away from them being shipped because I've seen some horror stories.  They run about $60 on Craigslist in my area.  So I'd say a fair price would be around $70 nationwide.

Don't forget to check out our other Singer Sewing Machine posts.  You can get the manual for the Singer Merritt 2404 from Singer as a FREE download.

Singer merritt 2404 vintage sewing machine

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