Rail Fence Quillow Part 1 - Needed Supplies and Cutting

I'm going to send my spell check into a tizzy with this project.  Our new project is a quillow.  It's a quilt and a pillow put together.  These were all the rage when I was a kid.  I've seen a couple on Pinterest but none were made the same way my mom made mine.  I've been searching for her pattern because I want to bring the quillow back.  She had patterns for everything she did.  I found a math formula for the quillow and a few notes.  So after some work I finally developed a pattern for it.  This quillow is going to be kid sized.  Later I'll produce the pattern for adults.  Our first step will be to make the quilt portion of it.  Our finished quilt will be 36x56 and our pillow will be 15x15.  Because we are quilters we will be making our top a patchwork quilt design.  The block for this quilt is the Rail Fence.  This is a super simple block and it goes together very quickly.  So our schedule for this project will be slightly different.  Today I'll give you the supplies and what you need to cut.  Next Monday we'll sew our blocks and set them together into the quilt top.  The following Monday we'll make our pillow and quilt everything.  Yes, this time we are going to quilt it.  We can do it together!  The last Monday of our series we'll assemble everything together and finish our project.  Let's get started!

Rail Fence Quilt Block For Kid Size Quillow
Rail Fence Block

I know not everyone reading this is a beginner so I'm going to give a few options with fabric this week.  I'm using fabric from my scrap tub for one of my strips but if you are a beginner I know you don't have a bunch of scraps either.  I'm also doing mine in K-State fabric for all of us Wildcat fans but you are more than welcome to use your favorite team fabric.  I also don't like solid fabric.  My center is off white with white music notes.  You are welcome to pick a solid neutral for your center.  I recommend using white or off white.  As always use 100% cotton fabric.

My fabrics

Needed Supplies:

1 yard team fabric - I'm using two 1/2 yard cuts
1 yard neutral fabric for center
Scraps in a coordinating color totaling 1 yard - If you don't have scraps you can use 4 fat quarters or four 1/4 yard cuts.  If you want to start building a scrap tub this is a good time to buy 1/3 of a yard or even 1/2 yard you'll have leftovers that can be used for a future project.  WE NEVER THROW FABRIC AWAY!
Batting -  You'll need a piece 36x56 and a piece 15x15.  I will be using a poly cotton blend.  I like how it poofs and wrinkles.  If you aren't sure what kind of batting you want to use talk to the ladies at the fabric shop.  They'll be able to tell you how each one will react, how easy it is the quilt, and give examples of what it will look like when it is finished.
A walking foot or darning foot for your sewing machine
Basic Quilting Supplies found here and here

Cutting is going to be super simple for this project.  If you need a refresher on how to cut strips you can see it in Log Cabin Quilt Part 1

Cutting Directions:

Team Fabric - 10 three inch wide strips
Neutral fabric - 10 three inch wide strips
Scraps/fat quarters - If using fat quarters you need 20 three inch strips (fat quarters are half the width of regular fabric).  If you are using scraps you'll need enough 3 inch wide strips to equal the total of 10 three inches wide by width of fabric strips.

That's it folks!  I told you it was going to go together super fast.  Don't forget that later tonight, 9 PM CST, we'll start our Fiber Tuesday link up.  This is where you get to show off what you've been working on.  It'll be open all week so you can link up whenever you want.  Also this Thursday is Ask Mel if you have a question for me you can email me at quiltingroomwithmel at gmail dot com.

Part 2

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Mel is a 30 something year old quilter, attempting to balance her old school roots with today's trends. When not sewing or shopping for a new sewing machine Mel enjoys reading, reality TV, and Nascar.


  1. Looks super easy! I have made one quilt in all of my life (I hand pieced it), and it took me about 5 years, LOL! Grandmother's Flower Garden. Oh and it was just a baby quilt.

    1. Lara you picked one of the hardest patterns out there! I love the look of that quilt but it's such a pain. I do much easier patterns than that.

  2. I really love this pattern! I would love to know how to quilt. I unfortunately don't know how to sew...Maybe some day!

    1. Mandee when you are ready to learn let me know.

  3. That design looks lovely! My sewing skills aren't the greatest but one of these days I hope to create some masterpieces.

    1. This is pretty simple to do. Next week I'll show off just how easy it is just some straight pieces of fabric sewn together and flipped or flopped.

  4. I take my hat off to you quilters, I've done some really big simple designs because piecing drives me a little nuts. Give me a complicated Victorian gown any day! I love the purples you've chosen, they are so vibrant.

    1. Oh making garments is SOOOO MUCH harder! At least it is to me. Either way we are keeping the fiber arts alive!

  5. Quillow... I love it! Great concept and beautiful design!

    1. Thanks so much! Since 80s clothing is coming back I didn't see any reason for this 80s quilt/craft project couldn't find a new life too!