Wordless Wednesday

I don't have a new topic to chat about today.  So I thought I'd share some snapshots of what is being worked on here.  These are all off my cell phone so not the best quality but they will work.

String Blocks on National Two Spool Treadle
Sewing String Blocks on a National Two Spool Treadle

spoon pin doily partially finished
Almost finished spool pin doily.

Working on Necchi BU Sewing Machine
Working on my BOM, block of the month, on my
favorite machine, Necchi BU.

Lint under the feed dogs
Lint under the feed dog area of a machine I was working on.

Finished spool pin doily
Finished spool pin doily

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About Melissa Shields

Mel is a 30 something year old quilter, attempting to balance her old school roots with today's trends. When not sewing or shopping for a new sewing machine Mel enjoys reading, reality TV, and Nascar.


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