Quick Quilting Tip - Quilting Stiletto

Well, I survived the first week on work.  I even got some sewing done!  I spent the weekend finding my cutting table, making lists, and cutting more pieces for my postage stamp quilt.  I'm still working on my blogging schedule.  So bear with me while I find a new routine.  I'm shooting for Monday, Wednesday, Friday with the link party still on Tuesdays.  Have you joined the Facebook group?

This week's quilting tip is all about the stiletto.  I was shocked to see how much a quilting stiletto on Amazon cost.  I don't have a "real" stiletto so I'm sharing what I use and what my husband uses.  What do you use for a stiletto?

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About Melissa Shields

Mel is a 30 something year old quilter, attempting to balance her old school roots with today's trends. When not sewing or shopping for a new sewing machine Mel enjoys reading, reality TV, and Nascar.


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