Free Motion Quilting on a Necchi Supernova Julia

I got the sweetest message from a reader yesterday asking if you can free motion quilt on a Necchi Supernova Julia.  The quick answer is YES!!!  The long answer is, yes you can quilt on the Julia but you need a hopping foot and you need to practice.  There's just no way to convey what needs be with pictures and words so I made a video.

Free Motion Quilting on a vintage Necchi Supernova Julia sewing machine

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About Melissa Shields

Mel is a 30 something year old quilter, attempting to balance her old school roots with today's trends. When not sewing or shopping for a new sewing machine Mel enjoys reading, reality TV, and Nascar.


  1. Hello Melissa,
    Great video! Yes, I've got pink gloves too, which were sold as very cheap gardening gloves.
    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks. I am putting a link to your video up this week.
    Love, Muv