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Necchi Supernova Julia - Demo and Review

The Necchi Supernova Julia, is my absolute favorite vintage sewing machine in our herd of over seventy vintage sewing machines.  I'm sure you are wondering how on earth I can have a favorite but the Supernova Julia is as smooth as glass.  It certainly doesn't have anything to do with my skill of rehabbing a machine.  The engineering of the Necchi sewing machines from Italy is just amazing.  You can tell there was great pride in their craft in the precision that was put into not just the Julia but all of their sewing machine.   I'm showing off just a small portion of what this machine can do.

necchi supernova julia review and demonstration

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This little beauty is from the 60s and was made in Italy.  She does everything a new machine does.  It's not computerized but that doesn't slow it down a bit.  It has an automatic needle threader.  It makes 100s of decorative stitches.  It has a ton of feet and I was so lucky to get a bunch of original Necchi bobbins.  I still haven't used all the functions on this machine like the automatic buttonhole. It's from the 60s and it does that!!  Why did it take so long for other machines to do the same thing?  I don't have an answer for that but it does make me wonder.

I was so lucky to get all of the cams and feet that originally came with the machine.  I don't use a lot of decorative stitches in my quilting but it's nice to have the ability with one of my vintage machines. I don't feel too bad though because the other owner or owners didn't take the ruffler out of the tissue paper.

I did a video on this machine.  I gloss over all of the features of the machine.  I've done several more videos on the Supernova Julia.  I've had requests for more videos so be sure to check the link out as it will always be growing.  I don't know if I could ever cover in depth all of this machine.  If you are a Necchi fan be sure to check out all my Necchi sewing machine information.

necchi supernova julia sewing machine

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Melissa Shields
Melissa Shields

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  1. New machines are so exciting aren't they? I just got a new machine for Christmas from my hubby and I have to pinch myself every time I go downstairs and see it waiting for me. Maybe I should name mine too? :)

    1. Oh my goodness I am so excited over this one I wrote about it before I've really used it. My husband was set on me getting this one since I've talked about them for almost two years. It get giddy over it too.

      This is the first one I've named. It makes me feel like I'm sewing with my mom when I use it.

  2. Hi Melissa, I recently acquired one of these beauties at a yard sale and am attempting to restore as much as I can. It's my first Necchi and I am having problems with opening the cover of the needle/foot dog assemblies. Is there is pressure release?