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Chevron Log Cabin Quilt - Part 1 - Needed Supplies and Cutting

Our first quilt is going to be one of my favorite quilt patterns, the log cabin.  To give it a modern log cabin quilt look we will lay the quilt blocks out in the chevron design but, that's a few posts down the road.  The log cabin quilt is the pattern I always recommend for beginner quilters.  It's super simple to do, which all beginners need.   It's also very versatile, if you don't like the chevron pattern then you can lay your quilt out in any way you want, if you want to use seven different fabrics you can.

basic log cabin block

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Log cabin quilts have been around for over 100 years.  The center block is traditionally red for the heart of the home or yellow for the light of the home.  One side of the block is light for the happy times and the other side of the block is dark for the sad times.  You certainly don't have to follow this rule.  It's your quilt use the colors that make you happy.  As you can see I did go with a yellow center but I also used yellow as one of my colors.

Fabric Choice
Our block will finish about 10 1/2" so we'll need to make 20 blocks.  Don't let the number of blocks scare you off we are going to them in a way that you finish several blocks at once.  I've also included enough extra fabric that you can mess up a few blocks and the borders.

Supply List For Log Cabin Quilt 

1/4 yard of fabric for your center  

Center Fabric

1/4 yard of fabric 1st light

1st light fabric

1/2 yard of fabric 2nd light

2nd light fabric

3/4 yard of fabric 3rd light

3rd light fabric

1/3 yard of fabric for 1st dark
2/3 yard of fabric for 2nd dark
3/4 yard of fabric for 3rd dark

Dark Fabric
Yes those gray splotches are supposed to be there

You can also substitute one fabric for either your lights or darks.  I chose to use the black and white stripe for my dark and my yellows as my light.  

Cutting Directions For Log Cabin Quilt

Center fabric - 1 2" strip

1st light fabric - 2 2"strips
2nd light fabric - 5 2" strips
3rd light fabric - 10 2" strips

1st dark fabric - 4 2" strips
2nd dark fabric - 8 2" strips
3rd dark fabric -  11 2" strips

If you are using one light you'll need a total of 1 1/2 yards of fabric and 17 strips.  If using one dark you'll need 1 3/4 yards and 23 strips.

Let's cut a strip now.  I'm using my ruler, self healing mat, and rotary cutter.  If you don't have these items you'll need to measure your fabric with a line every 2" and then very carefully cut on the line.

Step 1

Line your fabric up on your mat so it is straight.  Use the folded edge as your guide.  It will more than likely be cut crooked and the selvedge may be printed crooked.

Step 2

Now we'll straighten up that crooked edge.  Using the lines on your mat, lay your ruler on your fabric making sure it is straight.  Put one hand down on the ruler, keeping your fingers away from the edge, putting just enough pressure on your ruler to keep it from moving.  Then run your rotary cutter along the edge to make a clean, straight edge.

Step 3

Do not move the fabric from now on, only move the ruler.  I moved my ruler down 2" from our straight edge.  Again put your hand down, keeping your fingers away from the edge, putting enough pressure on the ruler to keep it from moving.  Slide your rotary cutter along the edge to make your first strip.  Continue doing this with each fabric until you have the number of strips called for.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

chevron log cabin quilt along

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  1. I've always loved the artistry of quilting. Great tutorial!

  2. Taking sewing refresher course this morning & getting fabric for this. I'm super excited to join in.

    1. Wooo Hooo! Can't wait to see what fabrics you pick. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

  3. I've never done a log cabin--I really need to try it.