Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ask Mel - What Quilting Youtube Channels Do You Like?

I'm so excited to share a bi-monthly, the first and third Thursday, feature where you can email me your quilting questions and I'll answer them.  This is a great way to ask those "dumb questions" without anyone knowing it is you.  Think of me as the quilting Dear Abby.

Dear Quilting Mel,

I was wondering if you could suggest some Youtube channels to follow?  Who do you watch or do you know it all by now?

Watching Youtube

Dear Watching Youtube,

Oh I wish I knew it all!  I love watching other quilters on Youtube too.  Even patterns I'm not interested in making because there could be at great tip hidden in there.  So who do I watch?  I subscribe to MSCQ and Man Sewing.  They have weekly tutorials Friday and Monday respectively.  I watch Quilt Cam with Bonnie Hunter every time she has one.  These are dependent on her travel schedule so you have to check her blog to find out when she available to do one.  I also subscribe to Quilt in a Day.  A lot of her old PBS shows are up too.  I follow El for sentimental reasons.  My mom watched her every Saturday and watching El makes me think of her.  Last fall she did some live shows that you could watch on Ustream and I hope she does that again.  If you are a beginner I highly recommend watching Quilty.  Mary Fons and I have a deep connection even if she doesn't know that.  You know both coming from mothers who made their living with quilts and not really getting into fully until our 30s.  Other than that I just search for what I'm wanting to know, like FMQ on a treadle.  Sometimes I pick a block I like and let autoplay go so I can see all the different ways people put them together.

Thanks for sending your question in!  

Melissa Shields
Melissa Shields

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