Monday, April 27, 2015

Fiber Tuesday #7

I can't believe we've been doing this for 7 weeks!!!!  It truly amazes me that this little blog is just taking off like I couldn't even imagine when I started it.  This past week I have been working on the mystery quilt.  I also took some time to just play.  I made a stack of string blocks on one of our treadles.  I'll be honest I haven't been a fan of treadling.  It gave me such anxiety that I avoided it at all costs.  Yesterday though, I really wanted to sew and watch my Nascar race so I sat down at the newest one.  I really enjoyed it.  Enough about my week though let's get on with the party!  I want to see what you are working on!

Our top viewed post last week was......................

You guys are really into the crochet patterns.  This one isn't shocking it certainly looks like a quilt.  

Melissa Shields
Melissa Shields

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  1. Thanks for the feature!!! And thanks for hosting every week! :)