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Time for a UFO - New Mystery Project

Sometimes quilt projects don't work out.  Sometimes life gets in the way and sours you on a project.  When that happens you just have to put it away until the look of it doesn't upset you.  And with that we will put the quillow away for a little bit.

Here's the deal.  I made the quillow for a fundraiser at the local elementary school.  It got raffled off over the weekend, raised some money for the reading program, and for that I am thankful.  But I didn't like it when it was finished.  I was so thankful for it to be out of sight.  I'm not proud of it, it didn't turn out the way I wanted.  I rushed it at the end and I didn't want to show it off.

What happened?  A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a neck hurting so bad I couldn't get back to sleep.  Nothing would relieve the pain.  So Monday morning I went to the chiropractor for an adjustment.  Tuesday morning my face was slightly swollen but no pain.  Wednesday my face was so swollen I had no eye or definition in my face.  Off to the doctor, intense sinus infection.  The pain in my neck was due to a sinus issue when it all got open up it sent the junk through the whole cavity.  It was horrible.  That put me behind on the project because no sewing can take place when you can't see.

Finished the top and got that tutorial posted.  Good things are back on track, or so I thought.  While working to get the final parts of the tutorial finished our refrigerator died.  I was thankful that my husband could fix it himself but it's not a quick process.  For four days my kitchen was a wreck, I was a wreck, and my poor hubby was working 16 hour days basically.  He'd work his real job and then come home to work on the fridge.  I never realized how much of his job was watching numbers, adjusting things minutely, and watch some more.  It made me appreciate his talents and understand why sometimes he comes home with a headache.

So I quickly finished the quillow and got rid of it.  I will revisit this project because I do love them.  I also have kids in my life who will end up getting them for Christmas this year.  So we will finish it together but I need a break from it.  So, either quilt up the top you've made or sit it aside and pick it up when we return to it.

 I've wanted to do a mystery project for awhile.  I had originally planned to do a half square triangle quilt for our next project but I wanted to get one more strip project under our belts first.  So what better than a little mystery?  It'll be fun I promise you!

Fabric is going to be pretty easy this time.  I'm going to use scraps because I have a ton, but if you don't I highly suggest using a jelly roll.  You can buy these at your local shop or online.
If you'd like to buy from Amazon and toss a few pennies into my fabric budget, since I'm an affiliate with them it costs you nothing more and helps keep this blog going, I found these.  If they only have 20 strips be sure to order 2 of them.  

So pick yourself a jelly roll and get prepared for a fun project.

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  1. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball! I've had projects like that too.

    1. I figure everyone has had one of those or will have. I guess it's the draw back of blogging while doing a project.