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Mystery Quilt Step 4A

Thanks to some shopping, a musical, and a small upheaval at home this step will be in two parts.  I found some new storage for my studio which was much needed but required me to tear down the studio.  I also spent a few days whipping up pirate costumes.  So my quilt time got replaced with moving things out and back in and other sewing.  So you'll get part of it today and part of it later on this week.  That's why it's important to subscribe to the blog  so that you don't miss a bit of the action.   I really hope that you are enjoying the mystery quilt process.  We'll be finishing this up and moving on to a new project next week.  No longer will we be using strips, it's time to graduate on to a new method.

To start we need to pull one strip from each size that we cut in step 3.  You'll have 7 strips.

There is two ways to get your strips opened up.  You can use a seam ripper and scissors or you can just use scissors.  If you use a seam ripper you'll have same trimming later on.  So either way, take the first strip and remove the stitches that join the red and the pink.

Now with the next strip fold the red in half and cut the fabric.

See how the first strip is longer?  That's because I used a seam

Moving on to the next strip we remove the stitches between the red and orange.

Just like before the next one we fold in half. This time the orange section.

Now remove the stitches between the orange and the yellow.

See how the last two strips are the same length? This is where
I switched to scissors.
This time we fold the yellow in half and snip through there.  Are you starting to see the stair step effect?

Our last strip we'll remove the stitches between the yellow and green.

Now we have our strips ready, it's time to head to the sewing machine.  Keep the strips in the order that they are laid out in the picture above.  If you get one in the wrong spot you'll loose the effect.  With right sides together sew the first two strips together using a 1/4" seam.

Keep adding strips until they are all used up.  Remember to press open after you add a strip.  Your finished set should look like the one below.

Repeat these steps 3 more times.  So you have a total of 4. We'll finish this step up on Thursday!

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