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Mystery Quilt - Step 4B

Finally!!  Why must life come in the way of my sewing?!?!  Hope you guys haven't gone crazy waiting for the next step.  This step will complete the three style of blocks that we need to put our mystery quilt together in the 5th and final step.  We've almost have another quilt top put together friends.  Then we'll move on to our next project.

For the actual steps of sewing the block together please refer to step 4A.

Order and cutting for 2nd block

As you see this time we are starting with a skinny strip cut in half.  Then full, half, full, half, full and ending with another half cut.  We are creating movement in our quilt.  This block is really just a continuation of what we did in the last one.  You'll need to make 3 more of these for a total of 4.

Had to show off my new cutting mat from Havel's.  It's awesome!
Now this is the block you have to pay attention on.  I goofed a few of the strips to get the order right.  Follow the picture closely so you don't have to find more fabric.

See how things are moving down?  Again we started with a skinny and went full, half, full, half, full, half, full but we split them in different spots.  So I started by splitting between the pink and the purple.  Then the purple in half and then purple between it and the blue.  The next one is half a blue and then a full blue split between it and green.  Finally we have a half green and then a full green split between it and yellow.

Whew!  Glad that challenge is out of the way.  Now stitch up 3 more of these blocks for a total of 4.

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