Friday, May 29, 2015

What Do You Do When You Finish A Quilt?

So the final step of the mystery quilt is done.  You won't get it until Monday though.  There is an old wives tale that you never start or finish a quilt on Friday.  I figure that goes for tutorials too, so you have to wait.  So instead I'm taking you into my world of what happens when I finish a quilt top and prep for the next one.  It's something that everyone should do each time they finish a big project like this.
The 4 steps Mel takes once she finishes a quilt

Step 1 - Clean Your Machine

I wipe the outside down with a soft cloth.  I use a brush that came with one of the machines to brush any lint off from the needle area.  I wipe out the bobbin area.  I also take the plate off of the feed dog area and clean in there.  Since I'm on a machine that requires oiling I oil it up.  I also throw out the needle and put in a new one.  There are all these rules about so many hours and then you change it.  I can't remember how many hours I've used it so I just change it at the end of a big project.

Step 2 - Clean My Cutting Area

clean cutting area, return fabric to correct tubs
So much fabric that needs to find it's home
It's time to put all my fabric back up in it's tubs.  I also sort out what needs to go in the strings tub and what needs to get pitched.  There are some pieces that are just too small to do anything else with and those go to the trash.  I also make sure that my rotary cutter blade is still good.  If not it gets replaced.

Step 3 - Clean My Sewing Table
Return fabric to correct tubs, make more string blocks
All that fabric that got strung around.  I know I'm a sloppy sewer.
Return scissors, bobbins, pins back to their homes
Pins, scraps, bobbins, scissors all need to go to their homes.

I put all the various items I've drug out back where they belong.  My tubs get put back in their area.  I make string blocks if I need too.  I need to this time so I've been working on getting that tub down.

Step 4 - Wind Bobbins
wind at least 7 bobbins for next project
Been a while since I wound bobbins.  Only one has anything.

I try to keep at least 7 bobbins wound with a natural thread color.  This way I have enough not matter what I am doing.  I tend to do several things at once so it's nice that I don't have to stop and wind a bobbin.

Then I'm ready to start my next project.  Which of course means that my clean areas are only clean for about 5 minutes before I start digging stuff out again.

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Melissa Shields
Melissa Shields

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  1. So smart.

    My sewing table (although abandoned and sad looking in the corner of the office) is currently covered with bobbins, pins, thread, more thread... I should really clean it up... tomorrow. ;)

    1. Mine will be covered again in just a few hours. lol

  2. Quilting isn't my craft of choice, but I seriously need to learn from you! I am horrible about cleaning my space and cleaning and organizing my materials when I'm done!

  3. Mel, do you have storm at sea instructions? The center would be like the Amish square , but I am struggling with the diamond in the rectangle!

    1. Holly I don't have that one. It usually requires a set of templates and I have shied away from doing those just because not everyone has them.