Thursday, July 30, 2015

Necchi Supernova Julia Review and Demo Video

Clear back at the beginning of this blog I did a blog post about my Necchi Supernova Julia.  I had just gotten it and was super excited to share it.  I've had many more months to play with the machine and familiarize myself with it.  The Supernova Julia though has so many features I still haven't gotten to the point of using them all.  I have used all of them that the average sewist would use though.  There may be a few more videos to cover some of the functions of these machines.  This one is just the basics.

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Home Ec. Mel
Home Ec. Mel

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  1. It's a really neat color! I have not had a sewing machine since shortly after high school, but I wouldn't really mind getting one of those mini-ones, just for felt.