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Quick Quilting Tip - Refilling Your Bohin Chalk Pencil

July 30, 2015

This week I'm showing you how to refill your Bohin Chalk Pencil.  My husband wanted one for Christmas and recently he ran out of the pink chalk.  He swears someone helped him do that but I'm pleading the 5th. ;)  The package the pencil came in though was long gone and we couldn't figure out how to put the new chalk into it.  I searched the web and YouTube and couldn't find anything.  Well there might have been something on the Bohin website but the pdf files were in French.  Not a lot of help for us.  After some trial and error he figured it out.  So today I'm showing you in case you ever find yourself in the same spot.  In the video you'll notice I say on the blog you'll find a link where you can purchase one through Amazon, links to Amazon products help keep the blog going I get a few pennies and it costs you nothing, currently Bohin Chalk Pencils are out of stock.

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  1. This has given me an idea for a gift for my daughter-in-law, thanks Mel