Friday, August 7, 2015

Kenmore 10 Model 385.12490 Sewing Machine Demo

This week I'm sharing the Kenmore 385.12490 sewing machine.  On the front it say Kenmore 10 but as you hear in the video that doesn't mean much.  Kenmore machines are all badged, they contracted with other companies to make their machines.  What most don't realize is Janome made a lot of Kenmore's machines.

Kenmore 385.12490 Sewing Machine @homeecmel

Home Ec. Mel
Home Ec. Mel

Mel is a third generation quilter working hard to merge her love for home decor with modern quilting.


  1. I picked up a Globe sewing machine at an auction and I must say the stitching is beautiful and it sews through everything, its my favourite machine to paper piece on :)

    1. I just love the old machines! They were just machined so well.