Thursday, August 13, 2015

Quick Quilting Tip - Log Cabin Quilt Block

This week I am showing you how I make log cabin quilt blocks.  I love the pattern and this block looks nothing like the ones you are used to seeing out there.  I only used two fabrics, neither of which you would normally see and think "Oh yeah I can make a log cabin out of that."  It's super busy so in a larger quilt I'd pair it with a much more neutral block to help tone it down.

#Video on how to make a log cabin quilt block. Very modern looking @homeecmel

I wanted to make sure everyone has the basic log cabin quilt block down.  We are going to be doing some variations in the coming weeks so it's important to understand the basic block before we move on to the other blocks.

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Home Ec. Mel
Home Ec. Mel

Mel is a third generation quilter working hard to merge her love for home decor with modern quilting.

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