Necchi Lydia 3 Sewing Machine Video Demo

September 13, 2015

Good morning all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We spent some quality time together this weekend which was nice.  We certainly don't do that enough.  This week's sewing machine is the one who started the herd, the Necchi Lydia 3.  It really is one of my favorite machines we have but I don't use it often.  I really have been pondering that since we filmed this video.  As odd as it sounds I'm afraid of hurting it.  I normally don't care about scratches on any of that but this machine is just so pretty I don't want anything to happen to it.

Necchi Lydia 3 Sewing Machine Video Demo @homeecmel

I skipped showing you how to use the decorative stitches on this machine since it's straight forward.  Isn't that nice?  Finally, a vintage machine you don't need an engineering degree to make it do something fancy!  The other thing I didn't show in the video, and it's because we don't have it set up, is the automatic needle threader.  We have all the parts just haven't put it together.  How cool is it that a machine from the 60s had that?  From what I can tell it works exactly like my modern machine, which suddenly isn't such a modern feature huh?

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Necchi Lydia 3 Video Demo @homeecmel

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