Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Diary of a Frustrated Quilter - Lack of Time

I don't know how often I will do these posts but a blog is sort of a journal and I'm going to use this space to vent from time to time.  I figure we all have been a frustrated quilter at some point.  I need to get some of this off my chest and hopefully it will give you some insight into what goes on behind the scenes here at The Quilting Room.  None of this is directed at any of you.  Really, knowing that there are some people out there who enjoy not only reading what I write but making the projects I design keeps me going.  I treat this blog like a business and you are my customers.  Customers don't come back if your products aren't changing.  I also know some of my favorite places to shop are where I've gotten to know the owners.  That's really what this, a chance for you to peek into my mind.  I apologize now for it being a scary place. You are always welcome to share your frustrations with me as well.  We are all in this together after all.

This week I'm lacking time.  I know we all struggle to find time in the day to do what we love but the last few weeks, this week, and probably a good hunk of next week I don't know how I'm going to fit it all in.  I know what I need to do but I'm not sure HOW to do it other than figuring out how to get more than 24 hours in a day.  So here's the list of what I need to do.

  • Post at least 3 times on the blog
  • Post numerous times a day on Facebook - I do schedule a lot of this but I try to leave evenings for "live" posting
  • Post numerous times a day on Twitter
  • Post numerous times a day on Pinterest - I've got a scheduler that I think lasts till the end of the month 
  • Edit, save, upload 1600 photos from the breast cancer fundraiser
  • Sew projects for the blog
  • Photograph those projects for the blog
  • Feed my husband daily
  • Keep the house liveable
  • Take Care of myself - shower, sleep you know the important stuff
  • Work my real job
  • Film YouTube videos
  • Pimp out my blog - views equals a few pennies and those pennies help keep the blog going

I'm not sure what will give, probably sleep.  I can't give up showering I have to be around others.  I have the sinking feeling it will be my sewing time that will be what goes by the wayside.   I already know that this weekend I will be filming for YouTube.  So how do you keep up with it all?

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Melissa Shields
Melissa Shields

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  1. As a fellow blogger, I personally only blog for fun. When it gets to the point of being a chore and not fun, I won't do it anymore. As for facebook, do you really need to post numerous times? I have a tendency on skimming through numerous posts from people. Only post something you feel like needs (or wants) to be posted, don't do it out of obligation. Less is sometimes better. The same goes for pinterest and twitter. Your family comes first, always. But this is just my motto for my blog.

    1. I really want to turn this into my full time job. So I have to treat it like a job, one that I love, but a still a job. Facebook's algorithm is so messed up that you almost have to flood your page so most of your people at least see something from you. People like you who interact a lot see more than the average user. I'd like to find a better platform than Facebook, one where my stuff was actually seen, but it seems more quilters are on Facebook than anywhere else. :(

  2. I understand your wanting to run everything as a business but a good business either delegates or restructures. Have you considered cutting back on facebook and twitter and utilising hashtags to your advantage, other option would be Pinterest, why not have it as a once a month post, the other way to find the best areas to cut back would be to run a little survey. For me personally Im no longer on facebook, I rarely look on Pinterest but I will always search out hashtags that interest me. I do scoot over to google+ but for me personally Im cutting back on my online time, mainly because I can get more achieved and as great as social media platforms are they can have a negative impact on both motivation and confidence. Well thats my five cents worth and glad to hear showering is still on the list hahahaahahah