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12 Quick Sew Gift Ideas

Do you know how many days it is until Christmas?  As of November 1st we have 53 until Christmas.  That may sound like a lot but you and I both know that those days go by quickly.  We should have been sewing for months to get all those gifts done.  If you are anything like me you are now looking for a bunch of quick gifts to knock out in the next 53 days.  We'll get it done, we are quilters after all and I bet I'm not the only person who has bound a quilt in the car.  I've reached out to blogging friends to see what they sew up for gifts.  I've got 12 great projects that are quick sews.  One of them is actually a five minute project!  There are even a few gifts for our furry family members.So let's see what my blog friends make for gifts.

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Wine Bottle Bag

A bottle of wine is a great gift for a host or hostess.  It makes a wonderful neighbor gift.  The downfall of a bottle of wine is there are a pain to wrap.  No one wants to just stick a bow on a bottle either.  A bag makes a great way to package it.

Travel Pillow

If you have ever tried to take a nap on a flight or even the car you know a travel size pillow of your own is a life saver.  This little pillow is perfect for the traveler in your life.  If you have a kid who plays sports this is a great present for them too.  Trust me a pillow between your head and that window keeps you from waking with a headache.  You'll be a hero with this gift.

Pillow Cases

This is a great project to have the young people in your life make for others.  Everyone has a pillow and what grandparent, aunt, or uncle wouldn't treasure a pillowcase made by your child.  Kids all want to be part of the gift giving and this is a great way to do it.

Mason Jar Gift Bags

Mason jar gifts are all the rage.  I certainly understand why too.  Putting the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies into a jar is quick and easy.  They are great for neighbor and teacher jifts.  The downfall is they aren't easy to wrap and if you are like me you get tired of sending everything in a gift bag.  Or you worry that the bottom of the bag will bust open and there goes the jar.  These bags solve that problem, they can be done in any fabric so no one will end up with twenty of the same bag and the bottom won't bust open.

5 Minute Fleece Blanket

I made fleece blankets for my girl's night out group a few years ago.  They were a huge hit.  There is so much great fleece out there today that you can find fleece for every person on your list.

DIY Spa Wrap

 I'm so excited about this one.  My mom had one of these wraps and I've been searching everywhere for one.  Make one of these for every woman on your list.  Trust me they will love you forever.  Well, if any of them that you make actually make it out of your door.

Bib and Burp Set

I'm not sure if this gift is more for the babies in your life or their parents.  I have never known a parent who said they had too many bibs or burp rags.  These come together so quickly that you really could make one in every color.

Catnip Toy

We can't forget our feline friends.  Our kitties need to have something to play with too.  These catnip toys are just perfect and you can tell this one is kitty approved.

Reversible Baby Blanket

I love blankets and baby blankets let you use all those great novelty prints.  These are so quick to whip out.  Much like the bib and burp cloth set no baby has enough blankets.

Balloon Covers

Talk about a mind blowing idea!!  Little kids love balloons but no one wants to pick up all the little pieces when it pops.  Let's not even talk about what could happen if the child got a hold of the pieces.  These covers solve all of that.

Reusable Snack Bags

These would be great for a gift exchange at school, church, youth group, etc.  Make a few of these and fill them up with snacks.  This is another great project to get the kids involved in.  Let them pick the fabric and have them help you put them together.

Fleece Dog Bed

I couldn't leave out our puppies.  Mine is spoiled rotten and has a couple of beds around the house.  If your puppy is spoiled you could make pillows for them too.

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