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Top 5 YouTube Videos of 2015

Is the end of the year really upon us?  Where has the year gone?  I mean seriously, I don't feel like I should be looking at stats for YouTube and blog posts already.  But it is that time of the year and we are going to start with videos.  I didn't think that the videos would be as big as they were.  I ran out of ideas before I ran out of year.  It's OK though, I'm working on content for the YouTube channel right now.  If you have anything you are looking for let me know, I'm always open to suggestions and it helps me know what you really want to see.  I was also surprised to see that I have a nice following of men on YouTube.  If you haven't to be one of those men, speak up.  We, female quilters, don't bite.  We might even take you on as a pet.  My husband has certainly become a few quilter's pet since he started quilting.  So let's get on with the countdown.
The Quilting Room with Mel's Top 5 Videos of 2015 quilt blocks and vintage machines included

Number 5:

I have to admit that this machine is kind of a sore spot in our house.  I didn't want this machine.  It was filthy.  It was gummed up, I couldn't even tell what color it was when we got it.  I was sure it was a waste of the $7.  When my husband got it cleaned up, it was basically a new machine.  There were no wear marks even on the foot.  

Number 4:

I wish this machine lived at my house.  This is my sister in law's machine.  I quickly did a video on it after it had left the spa but before it returned to it's owner.  She thinks it's great that her little machine is on the internet.

Number 3:

I still have a project to work up on this block.  It looks like several of you though are already working with this block to come up with your own projects.

Number 2:

I see I'm not the only one who likes this crazy log cabin quilt block.  I love playing with fabric choice to set a traditional block on it's ear.

And now for the most watched video of the year drumroll please:

My baby, the Supernova Julia.  I thought I wasn't going to be getting this machine.  I had watched it on Craigslist waiting for it to drop in price so that I could afford it.  When it did, I pounced.  I was emailing the owner back and forth when my heart sank.  She emailed me telling me someone else was interested and the first person there would get the machine.  I was frantically trying to get to her location before the other person, knowing I lived in the middle of nowhere I might not make it.  When we got to the place and was loading the machine up my husband fessed up, he was the other person.  He wanted to make sure I got the machine.

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The Quilting Room with Mel's Top 5 Videos of 2015 quilt blocks and vintage machines included

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