Sunday, January 17, 2016

When I'm Not Quilting....Cake Decorating

No one can work in just one medium.  Fabric is my preferred medium, most of the time.  I like to crochet, I pretend to knit.  I love to color.  I like to get messy with the kids painting or messing with clay.  But what I really like is frosting.  It's not my strong suit for sure, that remains fabric.  I still like it though.  The kicked?  I don't like to eat frosting. lol

This is another thing that I've followed in my mother's foot steps.  I don't do them for anyone really.  I donate some to the local elementary school each spring for their carnival and I do them for family.  Sometimes they are awesome and sometimes they are just edible.  Really in the end no one cares as long as it tastes good right?

These are sunflowers.  I've made theses with the local elementary kids before, they are just that easy.  I use a thin mint for the center and yellow frosting.  Since I live in the sunflower state having this in my back pocket is great for Kansas Day celebrations.  

Spaghetti and Meatballs, if I remember correctly the spaghetti is just frosting with a writing tip.  The meatballs are truffles.  The sauce is thickened cherry juice, yep I keep that in the fridge for homemade cherry cokes.  The cheese is white chocolate ran over my microplane.  Remember, I started out as a food blogger. 

Both of those were taken to the school.  Which is how I ended up making them with the kids later on.  They know I'm a sucker for helping kids find a creative outlet.

This is the wedding cake I made for my step-son back in November.  It's a little rough looking.  The trip from my house to where the wedding was was not kind on it.  It's a narrow two lane highway, remember I live in the sticks and while they live in a larger town to get from one to the other you travel one narrow two lane road.  We got stuck behind some huge equipment being moved the whole way.  Sixty miles, up and down hills, with a lot of brake action is not good on buttercream.  Plus, we were almost late, we couldn't actually be late we had the groom, so I had 15 minutes to put it together.  I slapped the layers together, tossed it in the fridge and ran to the ceremony.  It tasted great though!

And now because of that wedding cake I am now a grandma.  The oldest one is a Thomas the Train nut!  A few weeks ago a bloggy friend shared a photo of something similar.  I tagged my daughter in law, the grandson saw it and Grandma Mel made these over the weekend.  The cupcakes are gluten free, so grandpa could eat them.  I filled them with fudge since the whole family are chocolate nuts.  The "rocks" are Sugar Babies and the tracks are Kit Kats.

I just wanted to share another part of me with all of you today.  I'll be back to sewing later this week.  I've got a great project for you, if you are one of the many who have made the bowl cozies.

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Melissa Shields
Melissa Shields

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