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Introducing the Anker RZ and New Home AHC Type F

What do you get your beloved when they are sewing enthusiasts? New sewing machines of course!  Friday was a much needed day off for both myself and my husband.  While it was planned to be spent at home it wasn't and that resulted in two new sewing machines.  We started our day with some basic errands and headed into town to pick up a part my husband needed for another job.  Since we were in town we decided it would be a great day to check out some new antique stores and pop in to our regular one.  Neither of us planned to pick up any sewing machines but when they speak, we listen.  So we brought a New Home ACH Type F sewing machine and an Anker RZ sewing machine home with us.  I left an antique quilt behind that's been on my mind, so I might need to make a trip and rescue that quilt.

anker rz sewing machine and new home ahc sewing machine

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The first machine I'm going to introduce you to is the New Home ACH Type F sewing machine.

New Home AHC Type F Sewing Machine
We found this one at a new to us antique store.  Friday had a bitter wind so I headed inside while hubby rummaged around outside.  Most of what was in the store was out of my budget.  When the hubs walked in he told me about this machine.  I was interested because I have been looking for a machine I could paint.  So out in the cold I went to look at it with the owner to get a price.  It was $10 and pretty rough.  I wasn't sure about it until I found the bobbin case and bobbin was in the machine.  This takes a speciality one and I'm not sure how easy it would be to find a replacement.  Even though it had been sitting outside for who knows how long it freed up easily and it runs!  I'll be plotting out it's paint job soon now.

The next one is an Anker RZ sewing machine.  We saw our first one just a few days and my husband fell in love.

German made Anker RZ Sewing Machine

This is a beast of a machine.  The head weighs over 35 pounds.  My husband found this at our third stop of the day.  We don't stop into that shop often, I don't know why it's only 4 miles from our normal shop.  We walked around, I didn't see anything that I really wanted and had a use for.  I found a couple of purses but I have more purses than I have sewing machines.  While looking at purses I lost my husband.  When I found him he was checking the Anker out.  I looked at and said "How did I miss that?"  It is huge and stunning, I couldn't figure out how on earth I missed it.  After he got done checking it out he put it back the way he found it and I figured out how I missed it.  The table was covered with other items.  He wasn't sold on it so we ran down the road to our normal shop.

We checked out stuff and chatted with the owner at our regular shop.  He looked at a couple of treadle machines there.  We got to check out some new items she had but didn't know what to do with it.  She got a couple of in progress hexi projects and a gallon bag of hexis.  I'm waiting for those to come out, I think I might snatch them up and make it my first hexi project.  I was sure after we got done chatting and playing he would go get one of the treadles.  He didn't though, we said our good-byes and headed out to the car.  We went back to the other store.

He went back to the machine and I did some more looking.  That's when I found the quilt, it has never been used.  Someone pieced it, quilted it, but didn't bind it.  It's a queen size too.  I knew about how long it would take for him to get the head out so I went back to help him bring it all to the front.  It was the first time he put a head on my arm and I had to say nope.  It was that heavy.  The rest of our Friday was packed but it didn't take long for him to have it running Saturday.  It takes industrial needles and we need to track those down so we can do some real sewing on it.

anker rz sewing machine and new home ahc sewing machine

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  1. I have an Anker RZ in a nice cabinet. Don't know if it still runs, but it was the machine I learned to sew on. My mom hadn't used it in years and I inherited it from her. Would love to find it a new home that would give it the TLC it needs. Know anyone interested? I live in Missouri and it would need to be picked up.

    1. Talk about a bit of serendipity - we just ran across our first Anker RZ at a local Habitat for Humanity store (they see donated material, appliances, etc). An impressive machine. My wife is entranced but I am ambivalent. So I guess you might say we are interested. We are in Blue Springs, Missouri so perhaps close by. I believe you can reply to this email.