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10 Things on My Quilter's Bucket List

I read a list awhile back about the 100 things every quilter should do.  It's a cute list and you really should check it out.  The thing is, many I have done and others I have no desire to do.  I don't care to ever have a quilt appraised.  The ones I have are priceless to me and nothing an appraiser says is going to change that.  It did inspire me to make my own bucket list, the things I want to do before I die.  I've made a list of my 10 favorite quilt patterns but not all of them are on my MUST MAKE list.  Somethings I want to do don't have a pattern that can be found anywhere but my head.  They aren't based on traditional blocks at all.

quilter's bucket list

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Quilter's Bucket List

1. Make an art quilt - I'm a member of an art quilt group on Facebook.  It's really inspired me to do one of my own.  The problem was I didn't know what to do it on.  I can't draw so it's not like I could sketch something out.  Yesterday, on our way to dinner, I saw my inspiration.  There's a tree, it sits alone near a field entrance.  My grandma called it "The Hanging Tree".  I want to do an art quilt of that tree, 4 panels, one for each season.  

2. Make a double wedding ring quilt.  I don't know why I love that pattern so much but I do.  I am also scared of the curved piecing.  I don't want to do it as an aplique I want all the insets.  Over spring break this year I hope to try a technique I saw somewhere else to see if I can apply it to the double wedding ring.

3. Make a traditional sampler.  I've been looking at Farmer's Wife and Elm Creek Quilter's Sampler.  Neither one are my style, not the pictures on the cover anyway.  I really want to take those super traditional blocks and make a modern day sampler out of them.

4. Hand bind a quilt.  I hate hand sewing but I want to do one quilt with hand stitched binding.  That's how my mom and grandma did their quilts and I want to do it once.

5. Hand quilt a quilt.  My grandma was a hand quilter.  I want to do one too.  Maybe my art quilt would be a good one to do it on.  Then I can check two things off my bucket list.

6. FME.  That is free motion embroidery.  I have a friend who does this, it's like thread painting.  Just watch her video, I can't explain it in words. 

7. Make a quilt with scalloped edges.  Really I want to do this because I don't think my mom did this on anything but double wedding rings and she didn't make those often.  I want to do it on a quilt that traditionally have straight edges.

9. Help my grandkids make a quilt.  I want to help them make a quilt before they graduate high school.  The oldest one might have one done before he goes to middle school.  He is very interested in sewing right now and I want to help that blossom.

10. Make a quilt from start to finish on one of our treadles.  If my husband can do it why can't I?

As I knock things off the list I'm sure I'll add more.  What's on your bucket list?  What are the things you want to do before you have to walk away from quilting?

quilting bucket list

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