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My First Quilt - How It All Got Started

I don't dig this wall hanging out often.  It's by no means an example of excellence, even though it did bring a few blue ribbons at the county fair.  It is however the first quilt I ever made.  It's fairly simple but I did it all.  I picked out the fabrics, I cut the hearts out, I satin stitched around them, sashed, bordered, quilted, and bound it.  I was 10.  We all have to start somewhere though right?  Even though I don't show it off much it's still pretty special to me.  It was the first time I got to do what I watched my mom and grandma do daily, make  a quilt. 

first quilt

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I was in 4-H and my mom was a quilter.  She decided it was time that I make a quilt.  I didn't have a lot of time before the fairs rolled around,  My county didn't have one big fair, we had 3 fairs.  She loved machine applique and found it easy.  That's how the decision was made that I would applique instead of piece a quilt for my first one.

IF and that's a big if, I remember correctly the fabric for the hearts was a cheater's cloth type of fabric.  It had large squares of different fabric and I cut the hearts from that.  I'm sure I used fusible to attach the hearts to the background fabric.  The only reason I used the satin stitch was that's what my mom used and I don't know why she always used that stitch instead of something like the blanket stitch.   I do prefer the look though, even today.  If you aren't familiar with the satin stitch it's just a zig zag stitch with a very short stitch length.  It's just barely above zero, which wouldn't move at all.

If you look at it closely you'll see all kinds of goofs.  Blocks that are a little off, quilting that has loops or doesn't touch where it's supposed to touch.  If you could see the stitching on the back for the binding you would see some big stitches and some tiny ones.  Yes, I hand stitched my binding down on it.  Machine stitching binding down wasn't an option, my grandma insisted binding be done by hand.  I don't know anyone whom's first quilt turned out perfectly.  I normally don't like it when people point out the goofs in their projects, but I wanted you all to know I've made the same goofs and those goofs didn't stop me from entering the quilt into the fair.  They also didn't keep the judges from rewarding my hard work.  Don't let the goofs stop you either!

first quilt

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