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2016 Quilt Blog Survey Results

I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to answer my survey.  I promised to share the results with you.  The information I was able to gather will help me shape the blog moving forward.  It's always good to know what you the reader wants so that I can balance that with what I want to share.  There were a few things that shocked me, to be honest.  There were a few things that I think I knew somewhere in my head but really hadn't put much thought into it.  So let's see what you guys had to say.

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So let's start with the first question.  What is your favorite thing?

Half of you like quilt patterns, which isn't shocking this is a quilt blog after all.  The other half of you were split between tips and tricks and sewing machine demos.  I had kind of gotten out of the habit of demoing sewing machines.  It's not because I've run out that's for sure but they are pretty intense to do.  I'm going to be adding more of these to the editorial calendar for next year.  I'll certainly be more aware of some of the little things I do to make my quilting and sewing easier or quicker so that I can share that with you.

Question two was your least favorite part.  This made me really happy because there was no majority winner here.  Each person had their least favorite part and that's OK.  I know not every type of post is going to thrill every reader.  The best part was when I asked what you would like to see less of I got zero responses.  You don't know how happy that makes Paul and I.  

Questions three and four kind of went together.  You guys want some question and answer style posts.  In order for us to do that, I need questions and you guys asked for an easy way to get in contact with me.  I am looking for a contact form that I can put in a page here on the blog.  I think I have it figured out but before I let it go live I want to do a little testing just to be sure I always get the question.  Commenting on a blog post doesn't always allow me to respond so the best way, for now, to get an answer from me is to email me.

I was shocked to see that you guys don't want more video tutorials for the most part.  I'm not going to be getting rid of video tutorials.  I just won't be increasing the number that I do.  I really figured most of you would want more since that seems to be the trend is more video tutorials and less photo tutorials.  This actually works out well for me.  My ability to upload videos isn't the greatest so if I have any hiccups in the project it can delay video by several days.  There are times a video can take me twelve hours or more.  So thank you for not stressing me out over how to make more videos available.

One thing you guys do want more of is how to use notions and tools.  I sometimes forget that not everyone has been around these tools for the majority of their lives so they aren't second nature.  I used you guys this weekend as an excuse to spend money.  We stumbled upon a garage sale of a quilter.  Actually, I think it was the daughter's garage sale and mom was retiring from quilting.  Many of us were joking about it being our kids doing the same thing in the future.  I bought a bunch of specialty templates and rulers.  OK, I bought all they still had when I got there.  I should have gotten a receipt and called it a business expense. lol

I'm glad to see you guys want more multipurpose blocks.  I had suspected that based on the posts that are popular here and on YouTube.  One of the most popular posts here is the curved log cabin block.  It is much more popular than the post on how to make the quilt.  So I will be focusing on doing more of those blocks.  Once you know how to make those multipurpose blocks you can design quilts.

The responses to what you would like to learn were varied.   There were a few responses that are slightly outside of my comfort zone.  While my initial reaction when I saw hand quilting and curved piecing was to say "Well, you've got the wrong girl." the longer I looked at both of those answers the less that was my reaction.  I tend to shy away from things that are difficult or I don't care to do.  Curved piecing is difficult, it makes amazing quilts, though.  Several of my favorite quilt patterns are based on curved piecing so I need to suck it up and do it.  I say all the time that I hate hand sewing.  The more I make that declaration though the more I start to suspect it's very much like my "I'm not a quilter." declaration.  So to the two people who left those responses thank you.  While I may never do it for myself I will do it for you.  Don't expect a tutorial on either on next week or even next month but they will be coming.

The rest of the survey was related to the sewing machine side of the blog.  You guys want more people powered sewing.  I tried to pawn this off on Paul and he didn't bite.  He's much more comfortable teaching you how to care, maintain, and fix a sewing machine than he is showing off his sewing skills.  For those of you who do want more people powered sewing what do you want to see?  You can use the email link above to let me know.  

The last question was do you want to get to know us better.  It was a 100% yes.  I should have known this but it's difficult for me to talk about myself.  My fiber Tuesday opening paragraph is usually a personal update.  It is the hardest thing I write each week.  I also know though that some of my favorite shows are the ones where I feel like I know the people like Fixer Upper.  The glimpses of Chip and Jo's lives outside of the house makes us feel like we know them as people.  We both will be working hard in the future to include more about us as people outside of quilting and blogging.  We really do, do other things sometimes.  I do include a short update on our life outside of the blog in the newsletters if you aren't subscribed to one of those.

I want to thank you all for your time to answer all those questions.  As you can see I've got a nice set of information for the future.  We will be using that to plan future posts and expand the blog.

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