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Knock Off Moppine Tutorial - Towel with Two Built in Pot Holders

Paul and I were watching Rachael Ray the other day, OK I was watching he just happened to be in the same room.  I had been eyeing her moppines for awhile now.  I pointed it out to Paul and said I would like something similar but there were a few things that I wanted changed.  He popped off that he could make just what I wanted so I challenged him.  It took him three tries to get exactly what I wanted but he did it.  The moppines were so nice to have on Thanksgiving.  I really thought my changes to Rachael Ray's moppine was something different until I saw them on The Great American Baking Show.  So obviously I wasn't as original as I thought I was but now you can have the same pot holders that The Great American Baking Show is using.

knock off moppine

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So some of you may not know what a moppine is.  It's a towel with a pot holder on opposite corners.  I didn't like the towel ends hanging down.  I wanted pot holders with a strip of towel in between the two.  I also wanted it longer enough that I could pull my large pans out.  That's not too big of a want list is it?  Oh and I didn't want it to cost a fortune.

So the first prototype was made out of some terry cloth we had in the house.  We knew going in to it it wasn't going to be wide enough because we didn't have enough fabric.  The problem with the first one was it was too thick.  He used two layers of the terry cloth and two layers of insulbright.  I couldn't tell if I had ahold of a pan or not.  That is dangerous, people get hurt in the kitchen that way.  So that was a no go.

The next one works fine but it missed big time on that last point.  It's kind of expensive to make.  He subbed the terry cloth out for quilters cotton.  It works great but it doesn't have the towel aspect that Rachel's moppines have and that was a little disappointing.  The big disappointment was when he figured how much it actually cost to make and it was between $15 and $20.  You can buy them for that price.

So what was the solution?  Bath towels, everyday fluffy bath towels.  No batting either just the towel making them very similar to the commerically available ones.  When he finished the first one I wanted to know if they would work or not.  I was skeptical so I heated up a cookie sheet.  I could actually hold on to the pan with the bath towel moppine than I could with the quilted one.  Ready to make one?

Supplies for Knock Off Moppine

Fluffy Bath Towel - They need to be 30x50 and 100% cotton.  You can get them at WalMart or Target. 
Cotton Thread
A 9" Dinner Plate

That's all you need.  You can get one and a half moppines from each bath towel.

Cutting Directions

Cut two strips from your towel 9"x36" Body of moppine
Cut two pieces 9 1/2"x9"leave factory edge on one end of each of these pieces. Hand Pockets
Do not use factory edge except on the hand pocket

We start by rounding our strips.  This is a real technical process requiring special equipment.  As you can see Paul pulled out a piece of my fine Corellware.  We are going to do that to all four pieces we cut earlier.

Now we sandwich so we can sew.  The great thing about these towels is there is no right or wrong side of the fabric.  Paul spray basted with hair spray and pinned both just to make sure nothing slipped.

Be sure to leave an opening on one of the straight sides so you can turn it right side out.  Be sure to sew this with a 1/2" seam.  Turn right side out and close opening.  Paul top stitched the sides from pocket to pocket but not around the pocket.  Going around the pocket put a hard edge and added bulk that wasn't needed or wanted.

Yes, this is a different moppine.  The one in the pictures is the one I used on Thanksgiving and it was dirty by the time I took this photo.  I'm also aware my head is cut off in the photo of me using it.  Paul grabbed my camera to take the photo of me using it.  He was struggling to get the camera to work and by the time he got the photo taken I was no longer smiling I was grimacing.  That roasting pan was heavy.  The moppine kept my hands and tummy from getting burned but it didn't make the 15 pound bird any lighter.  You can make these in about an hour and a half including cutting time.  They make great gifts!

knock off moppine

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