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Oiling a Necchi BU Mira Vintage Sewing Machine

One of the most asked questions I get is about oiling a Necchi sewing machine.  It may be the fact that many know Necchi is my preferred vintage sewing machine manufacturer.  It could also be I named my cat after the man who started the company.  Either way, I am happy to help a fellow Necchi user out. Necchi produced sewing machines with such tight tolerances that failing to oil them regularly can lock them up.  Today, we are looking at a Neechi BU Mira.  There are several BU models out there and oiling them all should be very similar.

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If you need the manual for the Necchi BU Mira you can join the Facebook Necchi group or purchase a copy of it. The manual will show you where to oil the machine.  The problem comes in when you look at that diagram it becomes overwhelming.  It looks like there are a million places that you have to oil and that becomes overwhelming.  It's really not that bad.

How To Oil Your Necchi BU Mira

You are going to need oil.  We have a blog post covering what you need to lubricate your machine.  Mine is a mix of Marvel oil and Zoom oil.  I haven't used this one a lot so I'm still trying to clean all of the old oil out of it.

That's it!  It's really that simple.  The general rule is if metal touches metal it gets oiled.  The other thing that lots of Necchi owners miss in the manual is you are supposed to oil the machine every time you sew.  Just a drop or two in each spot.  About once a week I oil the bobbin race.  The bobbin race is an area that often gets forgotten when oiling but I have found the majority of the bobbin issues on these machines happen because the race is dry.

I got this machine at an auction.  It was a horrible day weather wise.  It was cold and just as we got to the area where the sewing machine was it started to snow.  I was frozen solid by the time I got it bought.  I think it was the quickest we've ever loaded a machine into our car before.  To add a little sweetness to the whole thing the machine was a woman who works at our local quilt shop mom's machine.  She was thrilled that it was going to a home that it would be loved.  It actually lived in our living room for awhile.  The cabinet isn't very big and made it perfect so I could sit in the living room with Paul and still sew.  It got moved to the new studio downstairs though.  Because it is so small it is perfect for the new studio.  It doesn't take up much space and gives me a machine to sew on when I'm not demoing one of the other machines.

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