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Singer 301 Bobbins and Bobbin Case

I have wanted a Singer 301 since I got to sew on my sister in law's machine. I have looked and looked for one with no luck. I was goofing around on Facebook one evening and found some vintage sewing machines. I thought they were in one town but they ended up being located somewhere else. I knew a VSM collector in that area so I put them in contact with each other. I hadn't seen anything in the photos on Facebook that I wanted so it wasn't like I was giving up a dream machine. Then the fellow VSM fan posted pictures of the haul and there sat a Singer 301. I was a little sad but she was asking if anyone saw anything that they wanted. I asked for the 301 and that was one of the machines she didn't want.  So a road trip and some trading and I was the proud owner of not one but two Singer 301 sewing machines.

singer 301

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One machine was in pieces and I am not sure if it is all there and one was still together but missing the bobbin case. I started looking for one online and found out that Sewing Machines Plus carried both the bobbin case and the bobbins. I was thrilled when they sent them to me in exchange for me spreading the word that they carried parts for our beloved vintage sewing machines. I also go some feet for slant shank machines that will be shown off on social media in the next few weeks.  I agreed on one condition that I would be completely honest about the quality of what they sent me. I am sure you have figured out that they were good with that.

I was a little worried because I know that the reproduction bobbin cases for Singer 301s can be a pain. They use the same bobbin case as the 221 featherweight machines and I've seen many people purchase a new bobbin case and it not work.  I have been sewing on my machine for a few weeks and haven't had a single issue with the bobbin case.  It works perfectly.  I would certainly purchase another bobbin case if we get that other 301 up and running.  You know Paul and I can't share anything, we have two Necchi BUs.

They also sent over ten bobbins for the Singer 301. I had two that were too narrow to use.  I wondered how they would handle it because it wasn't even two dollars worth of product that was goofed. I called their customer service number and got a call back a little later. The time zone difference got me. I didn't realize that they weren't open when I called. The person I spoke with explained how the problem could have happened and offered to replace or refund. That made me feel so much better about telling you about them. Getting a bad bobbin is going to happen unless they have someone checking every single one of them with a Singer 301.

If you are new to Singer 301 sewing machines you might want to check out my review of the machine.  The one thing I wasn't able to do in that video was wind a bobbin because I didn't have an extra bobbin.  My bobbin winder needs to be adjusted slightly as you'll see in the video it isn't winding evenly.  I point out how to adjust it in the video.

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singer 301 bobbin and bobbin cases

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