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Fall 2017 Quilting Trends

I will be the first to admit I don't look for trends in quilting.  It's not that I don't want to stay on top of things, I do.  I look outside the quilt world for my trends.  I've always turned to home decor trends to help me figure out what is going to look great in quilts and quilted accessories.  Today, I'm going to cover not only what is coming out this fall for the quilt world but also what's going on in the home decor world that we can put into our projects.

2017 fall quilt trends

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I'm going to start doing these posts each season.  You don't have to follow all of them.  There are always going to be trends you love and trends that you hate.  One of the trends in home decor this fall is more brass.  I will not be following that trend because I don't like brass.  Let's start with the home decor trends.

Fall 2017 Home Decor Trends

While looking at Country Living's trend guide one jumped out at me that I just had to share.  Quilts are back in home decor!  For me, they've never gone out of style but I do think that a lot of people who aren't in the quilt world that think quilts are dated.  We know that we can update the look with our fabric choices.  I really may the most attention to what colors are being used.  Since we can quickly whip out a pillow set, some potholders, or even some curtains to change a room.

Colors for Fall

It's no secret that I am a HGTV fan.  I went to them to see what was up with color for this fall.  What I found was their most popular colors.  No one I know is painting their homes every season so I think we are safe looking at these colors.

Yellow: I love yellow.  I know yellow is usually thought of as a bright springy color.  The thing as we head into the fall and winter months color leaves our windows and everything gets gray outside that yellow can really brighten our rooms and boost our moods.

Pinwheel Pillow click for pattern 

Pink: Here's one that I struggle with. I'm not a fan of pink and it is everywhere this season. I like richer tones so this will be one that I am skipping. Blush pink is a hot color.  Pink quilts aren't anything new either.  So if you are a pink fan now is the time to celebrate!

Tuscan Cuddle Quilt by Shannon Fabrics click for pattern
Green: Here's another color I love!  I've always loved green.  Maybe it's because that was my grandma's last name was green but for whatever reason I love it.  Darker greens are where the color is headed for fall but I'm using the color in every shade I can!

Amish Diamon Block in Lime Green click for pattern
Blue and Brown: This is our only color combo on this list.  I don't use brown a lot in projects because I never know what to pair with it.  I don't wear brown clothing either because I never know what to put with it.  I'm thrilled to know what to do with the brown fabric I have in my stash now.  Martingale has some great examples of blue and brown quilts.

Now that we know what colors are going to be the go to colors let's look at what is going on in the quilt world.

Fall 2017 Quilting Trends

Quick Projects: Everyone is looking for quick projects.  Quilts are great but that instant gratification is even better.  People are looking for projects they can finish in a weekend or less.  I already have a lot of small projects on the blog and will be doing even more. 

Traditional Quilt Blocks: I see traditional quilt blocks coming back.  The difference will be color choice.  The modern quilt movement has opened the doors for new color placement to be accepted.  My top posts are always updated traditional blocks and they are the most requested tutorial.

More Pre-Cut Projects: Pre-cut fabrics make quilting quicker.  Thanks to Missouri Star Quilt Company carving a corner of the market on pre-cut patterns I see a lot more coming.  Don't frown if you aren't someone who buys pre-cuts.  You can always buy yardage and cut it down yourself.

Tools: Speaking of cutting your fabric there are a lot of tools being made to make it easier, more accurate, and faster.  I actually had to update this post because a new tool was released this morning.  Cricut will be coming out with fabric cutting machine, watch the Facebook video here. We already have Acuquilt, Sizzix, and the Brother Scan and Cut so it will be interesting to see how this fits in with the market.  I was watching the live video on Instagram this morning but didn't get to catch the whole thing.  There is no official release date as of right now.  Another cutting tool coming out soon is the fast2cut for trimming triangles to make piecing more accurate. A tool I hope to see pick up steam this fall is The Quilter's Boot. I have one and think it's great.  I will be showcasing it on the blog so others can learn about it.

Fabrics: There is a lot of fabric coming out this fall.  I'm just sharing a few that I am hoping to be able to get my hands on.  If you click on the link you can go to the website to see the whole collection.

These three come from Quilting Treasures.  I tend to lean towards QT and Northcott fabrics when shopping.  My favorite Northcott fabrics are coming out this winter so I will showcase those in my next trends post.  So why are these my favorites?  The first is from the line Brooke and I just think it's pretty.  Nothing really came to mind when I saw it other than "OH PRETTY".  The cherry pie fabric is from Home Sweet Home.  I need a new apron and that's what I thought of when I saw this.  I could also use some new curtains and potholders.  I like to coordinate my kitchen accessories.  The last one is Patchwork Farms.  It is the cutest line of farm inspired fabric.  I really want to go "whole hog", haa haa haa, with this line.  My first thought was to re-do my Kansas Star block.  Paul really wanted a quilt out of that block but I bought the last of the fabrics and it was just enough to do the one block. With just a little adjusting I think I could do a whole quilt, maybe cuter than the original, with this line. I'd also like to do a table runner with the bandana fabrics and a new bag or two.

Photo credit for the graphics goes to By Billvolckening (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Quilting trends for fall 2017

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