Monday, September 11, 2017

Fiber Tuesday 126

Welcome back to Fiber Tuesday!  How was everyone's week?  I hope everyone is staying safe from all the natural disasters.  Too many bad things are happening in the world around us and I'm thankful to escape to my fabric and all of your blogs.  If you are one dealing with one of the disasters I hope we can be a small bright spot in your life.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Fiber Tuesday Link Party for all fiber crafts

This post may contain affiliate links.  Ordering from my links cost you nothing and adds a few pennies to the fabric budget.

Taking off last week because of the holiday has allowed me to get a couple of posts up for you to see.  I'm finally finding a rhythm.  Not exactly the one I want but I'll get there probably about Christmas.

I covered some of the reasons your quilt blocks might not be coming out the correct size.  After going through the whole list with Paul I figured I should just type the reasons out so if we run into that issue again I can just send him the link.

This week I demonstrated our Universal Sewing Machine Model KTBR.  It's a great simple machine that can handle piecing or clothing.

Our Top Viewed Link:
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 
The Eclectic Abuela shared her update on her scrap challenge.  She's got so much done that I feel like a bum.  She's got a quilt done doing leader/ender blocks and has a ton of pairs ready to go.  I can't wait to see how many quilts she ends up with.  Her Triangle String block design has really intrigued me.  I may have to spin that idea around myself.

Now on to the link up.  Remember to check out each other and spread the love.  It is a party after all!

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Melissa Shields
Melissa Shields

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