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Octagon Bowl Cozies

After two and years of making bowl cozies, it was time to do an update.  I thought about just redoing that original blog post but so many people like the basic square cozy and the directions are sound even if the photos aren't the best.  The thing is after making 100s of the octagon shaped bowl cozy we've figured out an easier ways to do it and with the technology, we can share our new templates with you.

The bowl cozy is the perfect way to warm things up in the microwave but no need to have a plain square, make them octagon.

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I still feel funny about writing the tutorial on the bowl cozies.  I bought a square one at a craft show, remade it with some quilting but Paul is the one who took that basic square and turned it into something different.  I really think he should have been the one to write the original bowl cozy post and the one to write this one.  It's his design, he's the one who figured out all the math to do it but alas he would rather chat with people about vintage sewing machines than how to make something.

Paul just can't be the same as everyone around him.  He liked the functionality of that first bowl cozy I brought home.  I didn't like the plainness of it.  To dress up the first ones I made I did free motion quilting on them.  That wasn't enough for Paul and he kept toying with the idea of a slightly different shape.  He finally hit on the shape he wanted in the octagon.  I am so proud of him for it, it was his first design and he hadn't been sewing and quilting for long either.  He made himself a template that is shown in that original post.  We have gotten tons of emails about that octagon bowl cozy template.  There are two problems with his template.  The first it would be costly for us to reproduce, he did it with a scrap of sheet metal.  The other is it is larger than a printer so we couldn't offer it for people to print and make their own.  He tinkered with it and finally has come up with new templates that we can offer as a download.

Supplies For Octagon Bowl Cozies

All of your supplies must be 100% cotton.  Even using 100% cotton there can still be a small chance of fire.  We have used the same type of fabric, quilt shop quality cotton, cotton batting, and cotton thread and have never had an issue with them.  We don't put them in the microwave for a long period of time, just long enough to warm up a bowl of soup or make some oatmeal.  The longest we have left one in the microwave is five minutes when thawing out frozen veggies.  If you are worried then don't put them in the microwave, use them to protect you from the heat of the bowl while you eat.

Two squares of contrasting fabric - 10 1/2" each
Two squares of cotton batting - 10 1/2" each
Purple Thang

Constructing Octagon Bowl Cozies

I've done a video for you to follow.  In the video, I am using the small bowl template.  The large bowl template fits our Pyrex mixing bowls.  Yes, I have used a bowl cozy to keep the bowl from sliding around the counter while mixing.  These things have a ton of uses. After watching the video be sure to scroll down for some helpful tips.

Tips For Constructing Octagon Bowl Cozies

When you use hairspray as basting spray you have to give it a minute to dry.  We use hairspray on small projects because it's cheap and we always have it around.  It also means we don't have to pin anything.  Pins really get in the way on small squares like this.

Free motion quilting is completely optional.  These bowl cozies are the perfect project to practice on though.  We normally use coordinating thread when we quilt.  I only used the white on the green so you could see what I was doing.  If you want to see me in action quilting you can check out the Facebook video.

When folding your bowl cozy in half worry about getting it perfect on the stitching line.  Since you square them up later you are OK if you didn't get that stitch line perfect when you sewed it.  We want the darts to be lined up with the stitch lines.

To get the sharp points in the valleys and the corners pivot when you sew.  You'll notice the bowl cozy that I didn't quilt isn't as sharp.  I didn't take the time to pivot at those points so they aren't sharp.  Take the couple extra seconds to pivot when you get to the turns.  Those little details is what sets the project off.

Overhead shot of the octagon bowl cozy to show off top stitching and sharp points.

You will see on your templates that the corner one tells you to align with the tip on your square.  You want to align that notch with the center of your square and make sure the tip is poking out just like in the video.

The templates are best cut out of template plastic.  Mine are out of metal because Paul works in HVAC, he has scrap sheet metal laying around.  Otherwise, mine would be cut out of template plastic too.

A purple thang is invaluable for getting your points and seams pushed out and neat.  Spend the $5 to get one, you'll use it for other projects too.

Get The Templates

I know you all want the template to make this bowl cozies easily and quickly.  If you put your email in below you will be emailed the file.  This also signs you up for my newsletter so you know what is going on around here all the time.  

I know many of you have made the octagon bowl cozy from that original post two years ago.  I hope you enjoy this simplified version and it helps to get more made quicker.  If you have a Cricut Maker we've turned the template into a cut file.  You can purchase the cut file with a video tutorial here or just the cut file with written instruction here.Learn how to make an octagon shaped quilted bowl cozy.

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