Monday, April 9, 2018

Fiber Tuesday 152

Welcome back to Fiber Tuesday!  How was everyone's week?  Oh, I swear I'm not the brightest bulb in the box.  One of the area schools is having a fundraiser in a few weeks.  Over the weekend I decided I could turn their mascot into a lap throw they could auction off.  Sunday though I struggled with getting the angles to layout right so I'm going to turn the graphic into a paper pieced pattern.  I have until April 19 to finish.  Send me all your quilting luck my way.

Fiber Tuesday Link Party for all fiber crafts

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Paul took the week off of the blog.  He's been working hard to get a Singer 31-15 back up and running.  The lady who owned it passed away several years ago and it's been sitting in a barn for I don't know how long.  He's almost got it all back up and running.

This week I released what I think the hot quilting trends for Spring 2018.  There's a lot of fun things going on in home decor that we can put into our quilting.  It was good to write the post for me because talking about spring reminded that winter won't be here forever.
This week's Facebook live was my magic method for making 8 half square triangles.  It's really the formula that's magic but that's another story.  When you talk math people tune you out. lol  Don't forget you can join in on Thursday at 8 PM.

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Do you ever see something and immediately revert to being a 5 year old?  Just me huh?  Dang it Paul was right.  Dione shared her Beary Colorful BOM, the pattern is on her blog just click the picture to get it.  I saw it and got all giddy because I adored Care Bears as a kid and that's where my mind went when I saw her block.  For just a minute I was 5 years old again.

Now on to the link up.  Remember to check out each other and spread the love.  It is a party after all!

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Melissa Shields

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  1. I'm having a lot of fun with these bears, and I'm glad you got a moment of happy nostalgia from this one. :)