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Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Iron Model 19901 Review

So I killed my iron a few weeks ago.  I needed a new one but there are so many brands and models out there that I was a little overwhelmed.  When I tweeted about my dilemma Hamilton Beach offered me a new iron.  I thought, "Why not?" if nothing else it would give me a stop-gap iron and it would let me give you the low down on the iron.  Even though they sent me the iron everything below is my own opinion.  This isn't my first Hamilton Beach iron and it probably won't be my last either.

A review of Hamilton Beach's Durathon Iron Model 19901

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I was very sad when it didn't heat up.  That iron was my second iron in my whole life.  I had used my mom's iron until about 6 years ago.  Paul and I are arguing over how long I had it, he says I got it shortly after we got married and I don't think I've had it that long.  Either way, I didn't feel like it owed me anything.  I didn't pay much for it and I use my iron a lot.  I don't know of any iron on the market that lasts like my mom's iron did.  I've seen too many people in quilting groups complain about really expensive irons spitting water or leaking so I don't see how price, in this case, says anything about quality.

So I went with the 19901 model, Paul has the 19800 model, and the one that died was the 14210R.  Having used Hamilton Beach it made me more comfortable accepting their offer.  I find it difficult to accept a deal with a company that I only know in name and haven't actually used. Hamilton Beach even makes my coffee pot.  Those of you who have been around for awhile know that the coffee pot in The Quilting Room gets used as much as the iron does.

Why I Chose Durathon Model 19901 Iron

There are a few reasons I picked Model 19901.  I like Paul's iron more than I liked my old one because his is heavier.  That means the iron is doing more of the work.  The 19901 weighs about the same as his according to the website.  It does weigh about 3.5 pounds so it's not light but I find the weight to make quick work of ironing fabric that's been folded and gotten creased.

I also liked that it claimed to produce 40% more steam.  I like steam.  I like lots of steam.  You do have to remember that steam can cause fabric on the bias to go wonky.  I don't always use steam because of that but when I'm setting my seams I want a good amount of steam.

It has auto shutoff.  I know some don't like that but this isn't a quick auto shutoff.  It takes a good 10 minutes of just sitting before it goes off.  The reason I like auto shutoff is due to the safety of it.  I used to be a volunteer firefighter and that meant I might have to leave at any time and I didn't want my house to be the next call.  I got conditioned that my iron would shut off on its own and I want to continue having that.  

What I Love, Hate, and Love/Hate About the Durathon Model 19901 Iron

That might be an odd heading but there are things that I love about the iron and things that I might love one time but don't care for it the next time.  There are trade-offs with everything and I don't think there is an iron on the market that would make me 100% happy all the time.  When you see my list below you'll understand.  There are things that I just flat out love about the iron.

The Size - Dimensions (inches): 6.11 H x 5.04 W x 12.29 D It's huge!  It makes pressing large pieces of fabric a breeze.  On the other hand, little pieces can be a pain.  The good news is I seldom deal with little pieces so it's not a big deal.

The Water Resivor - This is pure love.  My old iron didn't use a lot of water but it didn't produce a lot of steam.  Paul's iron makes a lot of steam but needs to be refilled all the time.  This iron produces a lot of steam but doesn't need to be refilled all the time.  I hate running out of water during a project and I haven't had that problem with this iron.

The Cord -  This is another pure love.  It's 10 feet long and it retracts.  I only have to pull out what I need so I'm not fighting the cord and I can use it almost anywhere in my studio.

The Digital Display - So until now every iron I had you turned a dial to the setting you want.  This iron is digital so you push a button.  I have to hold the iron up so I can read what setting I am on.  It does remember where you left it so if you are like me and only iron cotton you don't have to switch it.  The set button is also the on button.

The Beeps - The tone of the beeps might be difficult for some to hear.  Paul can't hear them, they are at a pitch he doesn't hear.  I can hear them.  It beeps when the iron is up to temp and it beeps when the iron shuts off.  If you move the iron right after the off beep it will come right back on.

Where To Buy Durathon Digital Iron Model 19901

One thing that I like about Hamilton Beach products is that you can get them from your favorite store.  I normally do site to store at WalMart because that's my closest store and I usually need something like milk anyway.  Target, Amazon, Bed, Bath, and Beyond and even Best Buy carry this iron.  At the time of this post Bed, Bath, and Beyond had the best price on the iron. 

Find out what Mel thinks about the Hamilton Beach Durathon Iron Model 19901 for quilting and sewing.

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  1. I have a B&D, with similar features and chose it for the exact same reasons you picked the HB product. Good to know there is another brand that is a GREAT substitute!!! Well the retractable cord... isn't needed in my case... hum? maybe it would make for a little bit larger water reservoir???? Wonder if they are listening????