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Spring 2018 Quilting Trends

While the weather in some parts of the country hasn't gotten the memo spring is here.  It's time to look into the quilting trends for this spring.  I love looking at all the new goodies that are coming each season and sharing them with you.  Spring is a time for new things so now might be a good time to try something you haven't before.

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I always like to look at what's going on in home decor to get inspiration for quilting.  Staying up to date with home trends allows us to make quilted projects that will help to update our home.  There's a lot to learn from the home design world that can be applied to quilting.

Home Decor Trends 2018

Pantone and Sherwin Williams both select a color of the year.  Pantone selected Ultra Violet and Sherwin Williams chose Oceanside.  Jewel tones look to be very popular this spring year.  These rich colors will add depth to any room.

I first heard about Wabi-Sabi on Flea Market Flip.  Basically, it means to celebrate the imperfections in something.  I say this trend means to relax and celebrate your talents for sewing and quilting instead of focusing on silly goofs.  Done is better than perfect and if you are just starting out don't focus on the goofs focus on the progress you've made.  The Wabi-Sabi trend also means we are going to be seeing an influx of people buying from artist or learning to make it themselves both of which I can really get behind.

Bold florals are in big this spring.  I called that in my Winter trends post.  The bright bold florals that fabric companies were shipping out just screamed it would last longer than one season.  Floral prints are always popular in spring and if you aren't into the bold prints of this season there are plenty of more demure floral prints out there as well.

High Contrast is a continuing trend as well.  Black and white mixed with bold colors.  Black and white is classic and never goes out of style but with pops of color you can change it from traditional, modern, farmhouse, or whatever style strikes your fancy.

Embellishment is a key this spring.  Think ruffles, tassels, fringe, and the like.  Texture and tactile fixtures are going to be everywhere.

One thing I kept seeing was reclaimed wood is on it's way out.  I say poppycock!  The reason for that isn't from a design point but from an eco-friendly point.  Reclaiming wood is too eco-friendly to be out.  It may not be a huge design point but it will still be used.

New Quilt Fabrics Spring 2018

Artisan Spirit Stroke of Brillance - Northcott Fabrics
All A Flutter - Butterflies in White QT Fabrics

Gypsy - Butterfly Floral QT Fabrics

Those are just three new fabrics that are due in our LQS soon.  I look to see a lot of high contrast quilts with pops of color.  Think solid black and white with accents of the bold colors and prints.  If that's not your thing though you aren't going to be left out either.  There will still be lots of softer designs to choose from in your favorite shop.

Quilt Ideas To Stay on Trend

Making pillows, curtains, or table runners in the trending colors is a great way to update a neutral room with pops of color and brighten it at the same time.  A new quilt can be an easy way to update your bedroom if it is feeling a little tired and you don't have the time or budget to do a complete overhaul.

Now is the time to bust out your hand embroidery skills and all that embroidery floss you have.  Tassels are easy to make and add a trim.  I got a bunch of fabric scraps recently from friends and some of the fabric in there is already embroidered.  It was done on a chain stitch machine so if you have a chain stitch machine you could do that on an existing fabric you love.  I think most of us VSM collectors have a ruffle foot or two, pull them out to make some ruffles to add to your home decor.

Texture is easy to add to a quilted piece.  While others will be looking to add texture to their home decor with fabrics we can do it with the actual quilting.  Dense stippling with extra batting not only adds warmth but also texture.  The same thing can be done by mixing cotton and poly battings allowing the poly to add poof to the quilt while the cotton adds the warmth.  Trapunto quilting is a technique used to make your quilt design pop.  If you haven't seen trapunto quilting Rob with Man Sewing has a great YouTube video showing you how to do it.

The most important thing when looking at trends is to pick what makes you happy.  Don't spend a lot on trends.  Also use trends as a way of learning a new technique or pulling one out of your bag of tricks you haven't used in awhile.  Most importantly, have fun!

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