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Summer 2018 Quilting Trends

It's summertime!!  Summer usually brings images of beaches, pools, and drinks but for us quilters, it is time to gear up for the holidays. With Spring market just finishing up last month, there are lots of goodies coming out that we can put on our wishlists plus new toys to play with while making all those gifts, home decor accessories, and more.  So let's see just what we are going to be seeing during these warm summer months for quilting trends.

Learn what is the next big things in quilting these summer months.

This post may contain affiliate links.  Purchasing items from the links cost you nothing more and adds a few pennies to the fabric budget.

The quilt world doesn't move as quickly as others so trends from this spring are still popular. I also have to admit I had a miss in the winter trends post.  I was sure with all of the other cutting machines on the market and paper craft companies trying to break into the quilt market that Sillohette would be releasing a fabric cutting machine.  I was wrong.  They released a 3D printer instead.  Predicting trends can be a hard job.  That doesn't mean they won't eventually make a fabric cutter just that it didn't happen in the time frame I expected.

Summer 2018 Trends in Quilting

I didn't get to go to Spring Quilt Market in Portland.  Thanks to social media though I could follow along with what was in the booths.  I love that I don't have to miss out thanks to modern technology!  It would make writing up my trend predictions much harder.

Small Quilt Blocks

And when I say small I really mean tiny.  Tons of 2-inch blocks and I don't mean fabric squares I mean finished blocks that size.  I also saw lots of slight bigger blocks used to make pillows or just framed as artwork. This is something that makes me slightly twitchy.  If you've been around here for any time you know I love my oversized blocks.  Who needs 12 1/2 inch quilt blocks when you can have 25-inch quilt blocks?  I will say that I really did like the look of the pillows that were made up of like 20 blocks.  They looked like little quilts.


Words were everywhere.  I am kicking myself for not bookmarking some of the pictures of words as the quilting.  It was really neat.  If my memory isn't playing tricks on me it was 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.  For those who don't know that Bible verse it is the Love is patient, love is kind verse.  It was used in Paul and I's wedding so it is special to us.  There were also a lot of quilts with words on them.  Anything from a single word to a quote.  Now is the time to invest in something to help you cut if you are wanting to jump on the trend train of words on your quilt.  Accuquilt has a letter die set.  If you have a Cricut Maker you can use it to cut anything your little heart desires.


Lillian from QT Fabrics
I was shocked by the number of traditional style fabrics that were at market since we've seen so many bold and bright fabrics recently.  Subdued colors, small prints, and color combos I remember from days past.  I will always be a fan of bold colors, I loved neon as a child, I think this return to those simpler fabrics is a reflection of the home decor trend of "farmhouse" style.  Joanna Gaines may have brought it to the national scene and her popularity certainly helped it gain traction but it also reminds many of us of our grandmothers. It harkens to a simpler time when we were kids hanging out with our grandmas.

Since I wasn't there I am not comfortable sharing other's photos without permission.  If you want to see what I was talking about I suggest checking out Diary of a Quilter and AFG Blog.

Going along with these trends I have found myself looking at my grandmother's quilts and patterns.  They were more intricate than what we typically see.  I've been trying to rework them to make them easier to put together while keeping the same look.

Quilting Tools To Put on Your Wishlist

This honestly is my favorite part of researching trends for all of you.  I love looking at new toys in the quilt world.  Some I even get a chance to play with, which might be my favorite part of the job.

Cricut Maker

This has been on my wishlist since it came out.  I'm on their list to get to try this.  I have watched all of the videos.  I really believe that this could be the perfect tool for quilters since you can design exactly what you want it to cut.

Fold Away Ruler

When I saw this at my LQS demo of new products I swore it was a normal 6x24 ruler.  I couldn't figure out why we needed another 6x24 ruler.  Then she folded it up and I might have squealed.  It folds up so it fits in a bag.  You can take a full-size ruler with you!! They run about $30 so it's a great thing to put on your wishlist for someone to get you for a gift.

Patterns and Classes

When you ask for a pattern or a class be specific.  Your family and friends aren't going to know what you already have or even what you like.  Paul knows that Georgia Bonesteel was very important in my early quilting.  I adored her and he's found some of her old books for me but he can't keep track of which ones I have and which ones I don't.  So tell them I want Jennifer Sampou Polygon Quilt book, I want a month of Craftsy Unlimited, I want a month of Annie's Creative Studio, or that class at your LQS you've been wanting to take. 

Find out what the next big thing in quilting will be including some things to put on your wish list for the holidays or maybe pick up now to make the holiday sewing and quilting easier.

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  1. A fold up 24in ruler!!! I might have squealed too if I'd been there! I must look into that, thanks!! :)