Monday, December 10, 2018

Fiber Tuesday 184

Welcome back to Fiber Tuesday!  We only have one more Fiber Tuesday after this one.  It's been a great run and I know I've said it before but I will say it again, THANK YOU! We never would have made it this long without all of you.  I will forever be grateful for your support and the friendships made during the last 184 weeks. I hope we will all stay in touch after next week.

Fiber Tuesday Link Party for all fiber crafts

This post may contain affiliate links.  Ordering from my links cost you nothing and adds a few pennies to the fabric budget.

If you need a couple of quick gifts I have a few for you.  It always seems that we miss someone on our list or have a surprise Secret Santa party.  Both of these are easy to do and probably have the supplies in our stashes to bust them out.

First up is for a fellow quilter or sewist.  Portable machines, especially the new ones, slide all over the place.  A sewing machine mat gives the gift of storage and solves the problem of the machine sliding all over.

The other quick gift is our octagon bowl cozies.  They are different from the average square one which makes them a unique gift for everyone.  They are super handy to have around too.

Our Top Viewed Link:

Isn't this adorable?  This is from Maggie at Making a Lather.  She shared her letters for her fish quilt and some goals for 2019.  She's declaring 2019 the year of flannel and I do believe she is completely on trend with that.  I'm seeing a lot of flannel showing up in quilt shops lately.  I can't wait to see what you make Maggie!

Now on to the link up.  Remember to check out each other and spread the love.  It is a party after all!

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