Friday, May 24, 2019

Charm Square Tree Skirt or Table Topper

So I finally ventured into the pre-cut world.  I have nothing against pre-cuts but when you typically design things outside of the normal sizes pre-cuts don't always work.  I didn't design this tree skirt though, it's from Fat Quarter Shop.  I toyed with joining this sew along because it is outside of my norm.  I don't do a lot of holiday-specific sewing, I don't typically use pre-cuts like charm squares or layer cakes, and it is one of my busiest times of the year.  I decided to join because I know a lot of you do like charm square projects and holiday sewing.  Plus having a deadline meant that I took time for myself to sew, even if it was a "have to" thing.

turning charm squares into a quick and easy tree skirt

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So I love the holidays, don't get me wrong, I just don't love super traditional Christmas stuff.  I do get a live tree each year but my tree typically looks like it came from Martha Stewart, not a homey tree at all.  I use a lot of red but with blacks and golds.  Since I didn't want Santa or snowmen on my tree skirt I looked for fabrics that fit my color scheme and weren't Christmas fabrics.  I found two charm packs that I fell in love with, Farmhouse Reds and Homegrown.  Farmhouse Reds are a pretty traditional fabric.  Paul has really been begging me to tone down my Christmas decorating now that we have grandkids and make it a little more kid-friendly.  Homegrown is kind of whimsical.   There are a few prints that have farm animals with their sound written on them and a few prints that are words like "farm fresh" on them.  I thought putting the two fabrics together helped them to balance each other.

The charm squares are off-set with another fabric and this was my biggest struggle.  I really wanted a black or gray but they didn't work.  I think I tried every black/gray/white in my LQS trying to find one that worked.  The Homegrown had a lot of black and gray fabrics so they blended and the Farmhouse Reds had several shades of off white in it which looked off with a white/cream.  Paul and the LQS owner talked me into using green.  Of course, I wanted a bright green but that didn't work either so I ended up with a more traditional green that has some red flowers almost like holly but it isn't it.  You should have seen them trying to hold back the laughter as I struggled to play in the traditional world.  I have nothing against traditional but I am used to playing in the bright and bold world it's just hard to move away from it.

Putting the tree-skirt together is super simple.  Really, Kimberly has done a great job making this pattern super simple and it is free! I knocked this out in one afternoon even with the cutting.  If you are looking for a quick project to do with someone new this is a great project to do.

Now I stopped at the top because I hit a dilemma.  The pattern is for a Christmas tree skirt but if I don't cut it I can use it as a table topper.  I have to make my mind up because what I want it to be in the end will dictate how I finish it. A tree skirt can take a lot more quilting than a table topper.  It is so pretty though I'd almost hate to cover it with packages.  What would you do?

A quick and easy Christmas tree skirt or table topper from charm squares

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