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Paper Pieced Pineapple Quilt Block

The pineapple quilt block is one of my favorites but it is tedious to make.  There are 45 pieces in the block.  FORTY-FIVE PIECES!  I don't like dealing with that many pieces but that's what makes the pineapple quilt block so striking.  Sometimes I have to just suck it up and deal with lots of pieces to get the look that I am going with.  With this quilt block, I used two colors but you use it to bust up your scraps. I would suggest keeping one constant, for example, the cream and replacing the pink with your scraps.  You always want a constant when you are doing scrappy so your eye has a place to rest.  

The pineapple quilt block is easy to do with paper piecing.  This is lesson 2 in the paper pieced series.

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In our first paper piecing lesson, we focused on getting the fabric aligned on the paper and the folding, flipping, trimming steps.  In this lesson, we are focussing on how to figure out how big of a piece of fabric that we need to cover a section.  This is a vital part of the paper piecing process.  Not all patterns will tell you how big to cut the pieces and having the ability to figure it out can save you a lot of headaches and fabric.

For the Pineapple Quilt Block, it is fairly easy to figure the shape you need to cut because you can see that the pieces look like triangles with the top point chopped off.  I will say this about a thousand times between the written directions and the video but bigger is better!  You can always cut the fabric off but you can't add fabric to a piece.  The starting square I added 1/2" and the rest I added 3/4".  You'll see that I just measured the longest edge to make a square and cut it in half to make a triangle.  If you are doing a different pattern you may have more measuring to do, like a rectangle you will have to measure width and height.  Add the 3/4" to both of those measurements because all edges need to be caught in the seams.  We add the 3/4" to have a little bit of wiggle room since we are sewing blind when paper piecing, each seam is 1/4" so we aren't adding much.  You can add as much as you would like though.  In lesson one, we did add more than the 3/4" because of the angled pieces.

Making The Paper Pieced Pineapple Quilt Block:

This block isn't hard to make but it does take time.  My 4-inch block took me two episodes of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" and each episode is about 45 minutes long.  Since it isn't hard to make I suggest putting on your favorite podcast or playlist and enjoy the process.

It's really that simple.  If you are not already signed up for the paper piecing lessons you can do that below.  You'll start at lesson one and continue each week with a new lesson.  Each lesson contains the pattern for the block we are making and then a project suggestion.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Measure accurately.  If the measurement is at an eighth mark, move it up to the next quarter inch mark and then add your three-quarter inch.  
  • It is always better to have more fabric than less fabric.
  • Use small print fabric so that the design of the block stands out
  • Do not think you can knock out a quilt with this pattern in a weekend unless you plan on sewing day and night. 

Paper pieced pineapple quilt block is the second lesson in our paper piecing series.  You'll learn how to make the block, get a pattern for a quilt, and learn how to measure pieces for paper piecing.

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  1. Does the lessons on paper-piecing that you're teaching have a cost? If so, what is that amount? Thanks.

    1. At this time they are free, in the future it might become a paid lesson.

  2. Loving your videos.. I'm on Week 1 with the Double 8 point Star.. what should be the finished sized block? Thanks and looking forward to tackling the Pineapple block!!!
    Cheers, Barb in Devon, England

    1. Barb I believe off the top of my head that it is a 12" block.