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2020 Quilting Trends

2020 is knocking at our doors!  I have been scouring the internet to see what is going on in quilting fabric and in home decor.  It's the worst part of the job, I'm kidding it is actually my favorite thing to do.  I love home decor and quilt fabrics!  Keeping up with what's going on in the decorating world is one way to keep quilts from looking dated.  This post will be updated throughout the year as I add links to projects for the various trends.  We will cover new products and tools in another post.

learn how to merge home decor trends for 2020 into your quilt projects

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I tend to decorate my home in more of an industrial farmhouse with touches of mid-century modern.  They are both fairly classic styles that have been popular for years.  I use trends to add something new to a room and I tend to keep the super trendy things to small things that can be switched out easily and cheaply.  I'm not going to replace my appliance with a trendy color because those are just too expensive to replace over and over again.  Folks, I still have an avocado green refrigerator!  I love that fridge because it has more room inside than today's fridges.  Why they can't do that today I will never understand.  I'm getting off-topic though.  What I want you to take away from the 2020 Quilting Trends is to do what works for you!  If what you are making doesn't fill your soul then you shouldn't be making it no matter what anyone says, including me.

2020 Color Trends

Several companies pick a "color of the year".  I sometimes jump on the color of the year bandwagon, the tag line in my blog header is actually in the 2019 Pantone color of the year.  Sometimes I'm so meh about the colors I just ignore them.  To me, color is a very personal thing.  Some colors to speak to us in a good way and some colors speak to us in a bad way.  Those colors seldom are the same for every person.  Use colors in your home and your quilting that speaks to you in a good way no matter what the trends say!  I find most of the colors that have been picked for 2020 to be meh.  I do love Etsy's choice of chartreuse but I've been a fan of chartreuse for years.

2020 Home Decor Trends

I'm really excited about some of the trends I'm seeing for 2020!  Many trends will fit in seamlessly (see what I did there?) in our quilting.

Color Blocking 

Etsy is seeing an increase in people searching for color blocking.  Color blocking is easy to incorporate into our sewing and quilting.  Just keeping like colors together and sashing them with a neutral color will add color blocking to any quilting project.  Etsy even used a quilt in their graphic for the trend!

color block trend from etsy
Photo From Etsy Trend Blog Post

Bold Monochromatic 

I LOVE THIS!!!  I might not like the example that Elle Decor used.  It's a little too much but I do love the idea of using just one color family to create pillows, table runners, and quilts.  It's a great way to use up scraps and be trendy!  Just skip neutrals in your monochromatic color schemes.  Use greens, blues, yellows.  The exception would be using just black and white.  Black and white is a timeless color combination.  I think the flooring in this example looks like a tumbling block.

Patterned Bedding

House Beautiful is predicting that patterned bedding is going to be everywhere in 2020.  This is the perfect trend to showcase your favorite fabrics!
fabric pillow sham
Demoiselles Red/Blue Elbow Sham

Cozy/Inviting Spaces

Cold and stark is out the door!  Inviting spaces is what people are wanting in home decor now.  I don't blame them!  We are spending more time at home these days with friends and family.  We want to be comfortable.  Soft furnishings, texture, and art on the walls all are going to be big in 2020. What I liked about the art that I was seeing it wasn't commercial art, it was art that was made by someone.  It has my brain going about how we can display our quilting in new and different ways.  You could also make an art quilt for your wall. If you are wanting to make art quilts I highly suggest my friend Marilyn's Facebook Group, Classy Art Quilts.

2020 Quilt Fabric 

I think the fabrics coming out in 2020 are going to be longer-lasting than previous fabric lines.  To me, they are more classic fabrics instead of bright, bold, over the top that we have seen in the last few years.  I'm seeing more jewel tones, rich in color but not necessarily bright neon colors. So let's see what's coming out in the first half of 2020.  We will do another post about fabrics in the second half of 2020 when I get notifications that they are available for preview.  Note: These are just lines from companies that I know most people will have access to and that I love, there are many, many, other lines out there.

Farm and Country Fabrics

I think it's no shock that I love farm fabrics, the No Y Seam block was demoed in bandana prints and my Christmas tree-skirt/table topper was done in farmhouse fabrics. 2020 has several farm-themed lines coming out!!!!!  I'm so excited! Dan Morris has a Lil' Bit Country coming out in May that is super cute too! I just ran out of room in the graphic for it.

farm and country quilt fabrics releasing in 2020 from QT Fabrics, Moda, and Northcott
Top Left - Down on The Farm Paisley from QT Fabrics
Top Right - Farm Charm from Moda Fabrics
Bottom Left - Farm Life Daisy from QT Fabrics
Bottom Right - Farmhouse Christmas Red Plaid from Northcott Fabrics


Florals are going to be everywhere!  One thing I didn't touch on in the home decor section was live plants are going to be big.  We can't quilt with live plants but we can use floral prints.  The florals I'm seeing have a watercolor feel to them more than a picture of a flower.  

floral quilt fabrics from QT Fabrics releasing in 2020
Top Left - Akemi Tye Dye Floral from QT Fabrics
Top Right - Charlene Spaced Watercolor Floral from QT Fabrics
Bottom Left - Daisy Medow from QT Fabrics
Bottom Right - Dragonfly Dance from QT Fabrics

I am going to be using that Dragonfly Dance fabric.  I don't know what I will be making but I will make something with it.  I lost a dear friend in 2019 and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  At her funeral, one of her nephews told me she was now a dragonfly.  After that, I saw dragonflies more often than I had ever seen before.  So when I saw that fabric I knew that it was meant for me to see it.  


I know we just finished Christmas 2019 but Christmas 2020 fabrics will be coming out in the first half of 2020.  2020 is going to be the Christmas of plaid.  There's going to be a ton of plaid hitting our local quilt shops around May.  What I love about this plaid theme is it is Christmasy without being over the top.  You can use these fabrics for other things besides Christmas projects. 

plaid Christmas fabrics releasing in 2020 from QT Fabrics and Northcott Fabrics
Top Left - Gifts from Santa Plaid from QT Fabrics
Top Right - Santa's Helpers Plaid from Northcott Fabrics
Bottom Left - Sweater Weather Christmas Wrapping Paper from QT Fabrics
Bottom Right - Vintage Christmas from Northcott Fabrics

Graphic Fabrics

I don't want you to think that there's not going to be any graphic fabrics this year.  Christa Watson has a great line for Bernatex full of fun graphic fabrics.  They should be in stores mid-January.  The line is called Gridwork.
Top Left - Square Dots Sky
Top Right - Circle Grid in Purple and Red
Bottom Left - Diamonds and Ovals in Turquoise
Bottom Right - Arches Turquoise

If you can't find one of these fabrics in your LQS ask them about it!  Let them know that you are interested in the line or even just one of the fabrics.  Tell your friends about it so they can ask too.

Final Thoughts

I'm excited about this year's trends in quilt fabric and in home decor.  2020 is shaping up to be the year where our love of quilting and fabric will merge with home decor.  Others are figuring out that handmade items make an inviting space and that's where memories happen.  Is there a trend you are excited about?  Something you don't like?  Let us know in our Facebook group!

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Learn how to take some of 2020s hottest home decor trends and incorporate them into your quilting projects. Plus preview some of Mel's favorite fabrics coming out in 2020.

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