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Kraft-Tex Oversize Pinwheel Pillow To Update Your Decor Today

Marriage is about compromise.  This pillow is the result of a marriage compromise.  Paul wanted a leather pillow for the couch to nap on.  Real leather that size is a budget buster and you can't wash leather.  I can wash kraft-tex though! It also comes in lots of colors so it can work with any decor, yes my bedroom is purple, so it can work with home decor better than natural leather.  Kraft-tex is also made from paper so if you have moral issues with real leather, it solves that.

Making an oversized pillow with kraft-tex vegan leather

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I really struggled with what to make for this month's project.  I want to make items that aren't already out there for my kraft-tex ambassador program and still in the realm of quilting.  It worked out perfectly though, I got to make a favorite pillow design, Paul gets the pillow with the leather feel he wanted, and I got to go shopping at JoAnn's for the pillow form. Win-Wins are always a good thing!

Let's talk about the pillow before we make it.  You'll notice that the corners are saggy.  This was a personal choice.  The kraft-tex doesn't give like regular fabric and I wanted to be able to get the pillow form out so that I can wash it.  If you don't like the saggy corners you'll need to make your pinwheel block just slightly smaller.

What You Need to Make A Kraft-Tex Oversize Pinwheel Pillow

2 squares 11 1/2" each kraft-tex in orchid
2 squares 11 1/2" each of coordinating quilters cotton (this was from my stash with no brand on the selvage edge so I don't know what line it is or who it came from)
2 pieces of quilters cotton 12 1/2"x 20 1/2" (your block should be 20 1/2" if it's not changed the 20 1/2" to the size of your pinwheel block)
1 20x20 Pillow Form I splurged and got the higher end pillow form, you could also make your own pillow form  

NOTE: If you want the tighter pillow use 11" squares instead of 11 1/2" and your rectangles will be 12 1/2" x by the size of your pinwheel block

Making The Oversize Pinwheel Pillow

If you don't know how to make the pinwheel block check out this tutorial.  Your half square triangle will square up to 10 1/2".  Press the blocks to the cotton fabric.  The seams will lay naturally that way.  You can also spin the center seam, which I was pleased about.  You can not pin kraft-tex so you'll need to use binder clips or binding clips.  

To turn your pinwheel block into a pillow follow the directions found here.  You'll only be using one pinwheel block instead of four. If you couldn't guess, I like the pinwheel as a pillow.  It makes for a striking graphic on a couch or chair and it's just half square triangle.  

Tips and Tricks For Making A Pillow With Kraft-Tex

You can read my general tips and tricks for working with kraft-tex here.  These tips and tricks are for working with kraft-tex and quilters' cotton together.  The two fabrics work well together.  

  • Press toward the fabric.  This will allow you to nest seams and you won't have to press open like you do when sewing kraft-tex to kraft-tex.
  • Kraft-tex doesn't give like cotton fabric so you won't be able to push your corners out like normal.
  • Keep your cotton on the bottom as much as possible.  It will help to feed the fabric.  A walking foot would also be helpful.

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