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Multi-Media Pond Artwork with Kraft-Tex

Another month has passed and it is time to reveal my March kraft-tex project.  As I have transitioned to working at home more I needed something to brighten my desk up.  I love ponds covered with lilypads and dragonflies buzzing about.  So I set out to create something that reminded me of that.  It really is a simple project that you can make in an hour to brighten a spot in your home.

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If you are like me you need a mindless project right now.  I needed something that I could make without much brainpower but in the end, it would make my soul happy.  This ticked all of those boxes.

This is a little bit different project because everything is based off the size of frame you are using.  I ordered an 8x8 frame from Amazon.  If you have a bigger frame you may want to use more lilypads or bigger lilypads, if it is smaller you may want to use smaller lilypads.

Making the Water

Let's start by making our "water".  I cut a 10x10 square of the blue kraft-tex. I wanted to be able to trim off bad spots.  I used a plate and a pencil to draw some curves on my kraft-tex.  I wanted it to make the mind think of ripples on the water. I used Aurifil White 50wt.  The edges of the ripples are usually white.

tracing curves onto kraft-tex

Making Lilypads

I'm on a yo-yo kick lately.  If you need to know how to make them, I've included a video tutorial in this post.  I used my big tumbler for my circles.  They ended up a little bit bigger than a half-dollar.  The rule of thumb in design is to use odd numbers of elements.  So if you want more lilypads you will want to make 5,7,9, etc.


I went to google images and searched for dragonfly clipart.  Make sure that it is free for personal use or pay for the clipart! I printed it on cardstock and bent the wings a bit so they pop off the water.  I used my Cricut to cut it out but you can cut it with scissors.

Putting it All Together

Once I had all of my parts made I had to put it together.  I started by trimming up my water.  I had one edge that wasn't as curved as I wanted it to be.  Paul's cat dive-bombed my back and well when 14 pounds hits your back it is hard to follow a line.  Thankfully, I was able to trim that part off.  I used a hot glue gun to attach everything just where I thought it looked good.  I also removed the glass from my frame since I wanted the 3-D look.

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