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Modern Churn Dash Quilt Block - Quilt Block Mania

This month for quilt block mania our challenge was to modernize a traditional quilt block.  I've had the churn dash block on my brain for a few weeks so I decided to play with it.  Now the block looks nothing like the traditional churn dash quilt block but I promise you it is there! I love twisting up old quilt blocks into something new. 

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A few housekeeping reminders before we jump into our block.  If you are already subscribed to the quilting newsletter the block pattern will be in your inbox shortly.  If you find an error please send me an email, last month the wrong pattern got attached to the form but I didn't know for several hours.  Please let me know so I can get it fixed ASAP.  One last thing there are always two ways to signup for the block, the link in the supply list, and the embedded form at the bottom of the page.  

I started this block by drawing out the traditional churn dash quilt block and staring at it.  I wanted to really turn it on its head so I started by adding the little half-square triangles in the corner.  Then I wondered what would happen if I changed the rectangles to hourglass units.  Then I realized if I put another hourglass in the center I could have lots of fun with color placement.  This block now has a lot of possibilities all based on where you put the colors.

Modern Churn Dash Quilt Block

Like always we had a color theme to work with and this month I did something a little different.  I didn't design my block before I bought the fabric.  I bought my fabric based on our color theme and then designed the block.  

I was so happy with this color theme because purple with green is one of my favorite color combos.  Now while purple is the strong color in this color palette you'll notice green is my dominant color in my block and that's because of the color placement I used.  I really think it gives the block a retro 90s feel that is all the rage right now.  Really, who would have thought scrunchies would have made a comeback?

Making The Modern Churn Dash Quilt Block

We are dealing with bias edges in this block but don't let that discourage you from making the block.    The video this month is also focused on how to trim the pieces to the right size.  That means anyone can do it!  I'd rather toss a little fabric in the trash then toss half a block away because I goofed it up. 

Supplies Needed For Modern Churn Dash Quilt Block

The Pattern (I would love for you to use this link.  I'm doing a challenge with my email provider and I only get credit for sign-ups on this link.)
Fabric - Purple - Moda Grunge Eggplant, Green - QT Fabrics Radiance Textured Abstract Green, and Background - Fusion II Grey  
Basic Quilting Supplies

Constructing The Modern Churn Dash Quilt Block

If you need help with making the hourglass units you can check out my hourglass blog post for all the details.  If you are wanting to oversize and trim down the corner units that's what we are going to focus on.  I prefer to waste a little fabric oversizing pieces with bias edges because they don't hold up to the stress of ripping out and resewing.  If you are new to working with bias edges, take a deep breath, tell yourself "It's only fabric", and let's learn something new.

In step 1e you'll notice that I said to square up to 5 1/4" to 5 1/2". The bigger you leave this unit the more you will have to trim off in the final unit.  I always try to leave my half-square triangle units as big as possible so I can make the final unit perfect.

Making The Corner Unit

I know some don't like to trim down but really it makes this block foolproof if you'll just sacrifice that little bit of fabric. 

That wasn't so scary, was it?  Just remember to be careful when you press so you don't stretch those bias edges.  

Don't forget to grab the pattern for the modern churn dash quilt block below.

If you are wanting some beach-themed quilt blocks, the Seaside Adventure Row Along kicked off yesterday here on the blog.  There are some great rows available this week and there will be 3 new rows each week for the months of September and October. 

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Now head over and check out everyone's updated churn dash quilt blocks.  Also, join our Facebook group to show off the blocks you make each month.

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