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Music Quilt Block - Eighth Notes

It's time for Quilt Block Mania again!  I haven't participated in a while but I hope to do it more.  Carolina's themes always push me a little out of my usual box.  This month our theme was occupations and I struggled to come up with an occupation.  I settled on a musician, which is what I thought I might be as a child.  I played around with different notes and settled on tied eighth notes.  So let's make a music quilt block! 

Careers is the theme for September 2022 Quilt Block Mania, this eighth note quilt block is perfect for the musician in your life.

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Music Quilt Block - Eighth Notes

I got my first guitar when I was four.  It was complete with a Willie Nelson guitar strap.  As a child, I wanted to play guitar like Willie and have hair like Crystal Gale.  Yep, I've always been a complicated person. lol. I cut my hair many years ago and sadly haven't played guitar in many years.  I also didn't end up playing Willie's style of guitar, I ended up playing a modified version of Mother Mabel Carter's style of guitar playing.  Music is still a huge part of my life though, I have music playing every chance I have and you might hear anything from The Carters to Willie to Cody Johnson to Koe Wetzel to Nirvana to Maroon 5 and anything in between.  It can be kind of jarring to be listening to something more in the folk style of music to Nirvana or any other grunge music from the 90s.  

Supplies for Music Quilt Block - Eighth Notes

You just need two 8 1/2" strips of fabric x 21", one in black and one in white for each block. So you could get by with a fat eighth but there will be little fabric leftover so I recommend a fat quarter.  I used Moda grunge fabrics that have glitter on them.  The glitter actually stays on the fabric, I didn't have it all over me, my cutting mat, my machine, and my ironing board like I have with other glitter fabrics.  The black is Moda Grunge Glitter Black Dress and the white is Moda Grunge Glitter White Paper.  You'll also need the pattern that you can get using the form below or heading over to this page.  It's a PDF download that will arrive in your inbox shortly after signing up for the newsletter.  If you are already on my quilting newsletter you will be getting it soon if you don't have it already.  

Methods Used in the Music Quilt Block - Eighth Notes

The only two methods used are straightforward piecing, just note that the pattern is for 1/4" seams not scant quarter-inch.  The other method is snowball corners.   The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure you are sewing on the OUTSIDE of the line.  I had to rip out one set of snowballs because I sewed on the inside of the line.  There aren't pressing directions in the pattern none of the seams nest so press in your preferred way.  I pressed to the dark.

Last Words From Mel

Before you head over to all of my quilty friends to get their patterns September is my birthday month.  The trend online is to beg people to buy something off of your Amazon wishlist and I'm going to do that here too.  My wishlist isn't for me though, it's for the elementary school library where I work.  A new book, a new piece of decor, or some supplies for the Maker's Space would make a huge impact so if you want to buy something from my list you can find it here.  Thanks so much!

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Quilt Block Mania - Occupations

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  1. thank you for sharing your block. I also wanted to be a musician when I grew up. I suppose I was on my way. I learned piano, alto sax. I tried guitar but that for some reason just didnt happen.

    1. Lori that's funny I played guitar and alto sax but piano never made it to list of "I can play that". I can also play a slide dulcimer because that's a super popular instrument. lol