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Necchi Sewing Machines

The Necchi sewing machine is my absolute favorite brand of vintage sewing machine out there.  My mom was a Necchi user and I'm pretty sure that's where my love of the machines come from, it's a tie to her.  I would love to own more Necchi machines but I've only passed on one machine within reasonable driving distance.  I've snatched up all the others.  I'm sure it's the area I'm in, the closest dealer for Necchi sewing machines that I know of was about 100 miles away.  I'm sure very few people were traveling that far to purchase a sewing machine.

Vittorio Necchi started the Necchi Sewing Machine Company around 1920.  After World War 1, he came home to Pavia, Italy and an old foundry.  When his wife asked for a sewing machine the light bulb went off and he worked to rework the foundry to make sewing machines.  He started, much like the Japanese sewing companies, by copying the Singer 15.  It didn't take long until he was producing machines of his own design.  It would be 1948 before Necchi sewing machines were available in the USA.  Many believe the first Necchi machines were actually treadle heads.  The motor and light were added after they got stateside.  The Mirella model, which looks similar to the Lydia, is the only sewing machine to earn a permanent place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Necchi was probably the first sewing machine company to recognize that sex sells.  They were using sex symbols like Sophia Loren to advertise their machines.  Necchi was also adding curves and styling to their machines before other companies.  I'm sure that is what landed the Mirella a permanent spot in an art museum.

I have a few machines on my want list.  There is a dark green Necchi BU that I want desperately.  There is absolutely no difference between that one and the BU I have other than that's the one my mom started her quilting career with.  I would also love to have a Supernova Freearm and a Mirella.  Both of those are pretty rare but not as rare as a Necchi treadle.  I'm talking full set up with Necchi branded irons.  I'm hoping someday I'll find one, the nearest one I've found was Brazil.

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