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Sears Sewing Machines

Below you will find all of the vintage Sears/Kenmore sewing machines that we currently own.  They are in the order that we acquired them not in their order based on age.  Each link below contains a full review on the sewing machine, most include videos of how to thread and operate the machine.

Sears Roebuck started selling sewing machines in 1894.  Sears Roebuck contracted with several sewing machine manufacturers to produce their own line of sewing machines.  They were second only to Singer in the volume of sewing machines they sold.  Unlike Montgomery Ward who stuck with National Sewing Machine Company to produce their machines Sears looked for who was offering the best deal at the time.  They used National, Free Sewing Machine Company, Davis Sewing Machine Company, and finally Domestic.  Domestic would be bought by White Sewing Machine company and would remain the main manufacture for Sears until 1958 when Sears started using Japanese imported sewing machines.

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