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Singer Sewing Machines

Singer Sewing Machine Company started in 1851.  Our oldest machine is the Singer 28, born in 1882 and the newest Singer we own is the Merritt 2404 born around 1981.  Each link below contains a full review on the sewing machine, most include videos of how to thread and operate the machine.

Singer Sewing Machine Company revolutionized the home sewing market.  They weren’t the best on the market.  Many other companies offered machines with more features or better designed or engineered than Singer.  What Singer did do better than anyone else was market their products.  They offered consumer credit, the first company to do so.  That made Singer sewing machines accessible for many people.  The Singer machines were solid built simple machines that most users could maintain themselves.  They even included the screwdrivers needed to work on them with each machine.  Singer did for the sewing machine market what Henry Ford’s Model T did for the auto industry.  Isaac Singer and Henry Ford even had the same goal for their products, one in every home.  Much like Ford Singer also relied on mass production to lower the cost of his machines.  Singer used similar concepts as Colt and Whitney did for their firearms to drop the price of his sewing machines in half.  During the 1960’s Singer started to diversify into other markets besides sewing machines.  In 1987, Singer stocks were bought by one individual and to recover his money he sold off the company in parts.  The sewing machine portion of the company has been part of Kohlberg & Company’s SVP Worldwide division since 2004.

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